Intensive bombing takes place in Eastern Ghouta and Olive Branch factions gain control over new villages in Afrin

تحرير محمد الحاج | ترجمة سمارة بلبول | تحرير الترجمة Freda Hocaine 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 23 فبراير، 2018 1:07:05 م تقرير دوليعسكريسياسي جريمة حرب

Local and Field News:

Russian and Syrian Government have been bombing the cities and towns of Eastern Ghouta for six days. On Friday a civilian was killed and others were injured by aerial bombing on Hammouriya. Another civilian was killed and others were injured by similar bombing on Zamalka.

The Civil Defense said that warplanes launched two barrels on the residential neighborhoods after midnight in the Othaya town. The barrels injured several civilians including a woman and a child. The Civil Defense teams moved the injured people to nearby medical points.

Jaysh al-Islam said that the loyalist forces attempted to infiltrate Eastern Ghouta through Hazarma town, from the al-Qasr axis. The Jaysh al-Islam fighters repelled the attempt, killing and injuring 20 loyalists after ambushing the area.

The Head of the Media Office of Jaysh al-Islam in Eastern Qalamoun, said that they targeted the command post and the maintenance facilities in the al-Dumayr military airport with Grad rockets. These injured five loyalist forces fighters recently arrived at the airport to participate in the military campaign on Eastern Ghouta.

In Hama, Central Syria, three civilians were killed by loyalist artillery bombing and Russian aerial bombing on al-Lataminah.

In Northern Syria, the latest developments of the Olive Branch Operation, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions along with the Turkish forces gained control over the Baflor village, neighbouring the Jandaris district, Western Afrin (43 kilometers Northwest of Aleppo), after battles with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

The Turkish Army and the FSA factions gained control over al-Safraa, al-Rahmaniyah, Ali Jaro, al-Sheikh Kharzo al-Foqani and al-Zahira, in addition to a training camp for the People’s Protection Units.

According to a military source, the Turkish Army targeted a military convoy of the Kurdish People’s Units with missile launchers and heavy artillery while it was entering Afrin from the loyalist-controlled areas of Aleppo.

Local sources said that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units withdrew from 12 neighborhoods in Aleppo in favor for to the government forces after they headed toward Afrin to participate in the battles.

Civilians were killed and injured by clashes between the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the Tuqad village (23 kilometers west of Aleppo). Tahrir al-Sham gained control over the Kafar Naha village, Orum al-Kubra.

The FSA accused Hayat Tahrir al-Sham of obstructing efforts to reach an agreement to end the hostilities with the FSA and Islamist factions in Northern Syria. The FSA threatened Hayat Tahrir al-Sham of “not standing still.”

Political and International News:

The U.N. Security Council is voting on a 30-day ceasefire resolution in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus. The resolution aims to send humanitarian aid and to conduct medical evacuation.

The Kuwait observer mission of the UN presiding over the security council during the current month, said that the voting will take place at 11:00 U.S. time (16:00 GMT), according to Reuters.

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تحرير محمد الحاج | ترجمة سمارة بلبول | تحرير الترجمة Freda Hocaine 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 23 فبراير، 2018 1:07:05 م تقرير دوليعسكريسياسي جريمة حرب
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