Syrian geniuses and inventors distinguish themselves globally

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Many Syrians have achieved international recognition for their contributions in various fields - most notably in technology. Despite what the country has been through these last seven years, Syrians have received a great number of honors and awards from most countries and leaders of the world. Today, Syria resembles a bloody battlefield, where events have wrecked its monuments, culture and civilisation, killed hundreds of thousands of its citizens, and displaced and scattered millions more in all directions across the world.

Yaman About Jaib, the first Syrian inventor to win the title ‘The Star of Science’:

In later 2015, a young Syrian inventor named Yaman About Jaib won first place on the TV show ‘Stars of Science’ (produced by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development). He was the first Syrian to win the title ‘The Star of Science’ since the show first aired seven years before.

Yaman won the title and a $300,000 prize for his invention of an eco-friendly washing machine that promises a green future. The machine he invented works on solar energy and saves 60 liters of water (compared to other machines in the global market).

Yaman told SMART he called the machine ‘Glean’, combining the word Green (i.e. eco-friendly) and Clean (i.e. it’s purpose). The washing machine uses solar energy to heat water to the desired degree and reuses it, saving 30 percent of the amount of water usually used by other machines. The machine is designed to also work with standard solar energy generators and water heaters.

According to Yaman, the idea for the machine was born out of necessity. The nuisance of repeated power and water cuts is a distrubing reality for people all over the world, and especially for those in Syria. Conversely, washing machines are a commodity signifying the apex of modern comfort, and need uninterrupted power current and water flow in order to effectively provide the services they offer. The solar washing machine then, uses renewable energy, reuses and saves water, and helps maintain the environment.

Yaman and the dream of participating in the "Stars of Science:"

Yaman, 25, was born in Damascus. He started studying in the faculty of electrical engineering at Damascus University in 2011, and later specialized in renewable energy. Whilst studying, he saw the TV show “Stars of Science” and admired its participants. His father told him that one day Yaman would be on the show also; a remark that sparked Yaman’s desire to be a part of the show. After four years of hard work and study, he finally achieved his dream of being the first Syrian to win the title of ’The Star of Science’.

Yaman says that since his early years he was curious in understanding and discovering how the things around him worked, especially machinery. This led him to taking courses in physics and androids when he was only ten years old. His interest grew to become a passion, and it encouraged him to study electric engineering, with a particular concentration on renewable energy.

Yaman aims to continue studying in his field at university, then to obtain a master’s degree followed by a PhD. His recent interests in solar energy have won him the title of ‘Solar Energy Boy’ among his friends and relatives. Yaman’s inspiration comes from within, and he follows the precept: Do not underestimate yourself. Focus on the big picture. Be active in your society.

Syrian geniuses globally acknowledged:

Professor Dina Katabi is a Syrian scientist renowned abroad for her creativity. She was honoured in the White House, Washington DC, in August 2015, by the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, for inventing ‘Emerald’ - a system that monitors the vital signs and activities of elders.

Inventing this system, Katabi reached the final rounds of the MIT entrepreneurship competition in the US, after holding the title of Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the same institute (MIT).

Katabi received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Damascus win 1995, and then an S.M and PhD in Computer Science from the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1998 and 2003 respectively. She is the co-director of the MIT Center for Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing and a principal investigator at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

In 2013, Katabi won the Grace Murray Hopper Award, recognizing her as an outstanding young computer science professional. In September 2013, Katabi was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship for her work and she also became a fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery.

The world is racing to attract Syrian scientists fleeing the years long bloody war in their country. the famous English artist, Bansky for example, painted American- Syrian Steve Jobs (one creator of Apple) on one of the walls in the refugee camp in Calais, France, broadcasting not only the Syrian refugee crisis, but also highlighting how Syrians have made a huge difference and impact on the world.

One of those Syrians is the mathematician Jamal Abu al-Ward, who was summoned by the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after he discovered new mathematical laws and bases that alter the theory of 3rd and 4th degree determinants of matrices. According to Abu al-Ward, Erdogan granted Turkish nationality to him and all his family members, as part of Turkey’s commitment to recognizing science and scientists.

In the last scientific studies carried out by the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto in 2015, it is mentioned that Syria topped the Arab countries in terms of creativity and ranked 75th globally, achieving 65 marks for technology and 85 marks for talent.

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