Battles between government forces and military factions take place in Eastern Ghouta

Local and field news:

Hit-and-run battles took place in the town of Ottaya (17 kilometers east of Damascus), between the government on one side, and both Jaysh al-Islam and Faylaq al-Rahman on the other.

Local activists said that the loyalist forces gained control over the village yesterday. Jaysh al-Islam and Faylaq al-Rahman then infiltrated later that night, regaining control over the town.

Despite the U.N. Security Council resolution 2401, which calls for an immediate ceasefire, suspected Russian aerial bombing killed and injured civilians in Douma and Misraba, Eastern Ghouta.

The Head of the Local Council of al-Marj, Bassam Abd al-Salam, warned that the intensifying siege on the cities and towns of Ghouta might be similar to what happened in al-Zabadani, Daraya and Madaya in Western Damascus.

Abd al-Salam said that the civilians in the town of Hawsh al-Dawahra and its surrounding areas lost 2,500 tons of wheat and summer crops after the loyalist forces gained control over the town.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Daraa reported that they are planning to begin a battle in they city against the government, in order to reduce the pressure on civilians in Eastern Ghouta.

The commander of the Sunni Youth forces, who introduces himself as Abu Hussam, said that FSA factions are collaborating and planning to launch the battle in the south of Syria to impact the military situation in Ghouta.

The FSA in Dael (14 kilometers north of Daraa) arrested people belonging to an armed group. The group had kidnapped a displaced person from the city in exchange for a ransom.

In central Syria a child was killed and her mother injured, due to suspected Russian raids on Kafr Zita, Northern Hama, Central Syria. This coincided with government artillery bombing of the area.

Local activists said the child was killed because of suspected Russian raids on residential neighborhoods in Kafr Zita, whereas the mother was injured because of the bombing.

Two loyalist fighters were killed and others were injured by FSA artillery bombing of loyalist bases in Northern Hama, Central Syria.

The head of the Jaysh al-Izza Media Office, Jamil Ashouri, reported that they targeted the loyalist forces stationed at the Zillin checkpoint, Southern al-Lataminah (24 kilometers north of Hama). They targeted the loyalist forces with artillery and heavy machine guns, in response to the targeting of civilians. He added that the bombing killed two loyalist fighters and injured others.

In Northern Syria, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham reported through their media that they had arrested two volunteers of the Molham Volunteering Team in Idlib last Wednesday. They arrested the volunteers on the suspicion that one was involved in “security actions.” They released the other volunteer after less than 48 hours.

Tahrir al-Sham said that they arrested the volunteer Muhammed Nour Tahhan after monitoring him, on the suspicion that he was involved in security actions. They added that he was still detained for further investigation, after some of the accusations  against him were proven to be true.

Five civilians were injured by the clashes between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the Syrian Liberation Front in the villages of Shamiko and Tuqad, Western Aleppo, Northern Syria.

Local activists reported that four civilians were injured in Shamiko, Western Aleppo, during an attempt by Tahrir al-Sham to gain control over the city. The clashes between the two parties are ongoing.

The FSA and the Turkish Army gained control over five villages in Afrin (43 kilometers northwest of Aleppo), Northern Syria, after clashes with Kurdish People’s Protection Units. The clashes killed and injured dozens from both sides.

A military source reported that the FSA and the Turkish Army gained control over the villages of Jamilik, Baadenli, Qarqin, Ali Bizanli and Juman, hours after gaining control over the strategic town of Rajo.

In the east of Syria, 30 displaced families, including 99 people, arrived at the al-Hol camp (70 kilometers south of Hassakeh), Northeastern Syria.

Sulaf Muhammed Sheikho, The Head of the Camp that is affiliated with the Kurdish Autonomous Administration, said that four Iraqi families, including 14 people, and two families of five people. have arrived at the al-Hol camp from the Abu Khashab area, Kisra, Deir Azzor.

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