Russian and loyalist bombings kill and injure dozens of civilians in Ghouta, and opposition factions start counterattack

تحرير محمد علاء | ترجمة محمد غيث | تحرير الترجمة Vera Halvorsen 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 5 مارس، 2018 2:08:39 م تقرير دوليعسكريسياسيأعمال واقتصاداجتماعيإغاثي وإنساني عدوان روسي

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Local and field updates:

On Monday, intense Russian and loyalist bombings killed 19 civilians and injured dozens despite the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2401, which demands a 30-day ceasefire in all of Syria.

On Sunday, the Civil Defense documented the killing of a fighter, prisoners under torture, and 51 civilians due to intensified Russian and loyalist bombings on Ghouta.

The opposition factions have launched a counterattack against the loyalist forces in Eastern Ghouta.

Hamza Beriqdar, the spokesman of the Jaysh al-Islam, reported that their fighters killed 50 loyalist members and regained control of their own outposts, which the loyalist forces seized previously. Beriqdar did not mention which specific outposts were recaptured, but added that Jaysh al-Islam damaged a loyalist tank using an anti-armor missile.

In Quneitra, loyalist snipers killed a child amidst artillery shelling on different areas in the nearby Daraa, Southern Syria.  

In Northern Syria, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Turkish Army gained control of two new villages in the Afrin area, 34 kilometers northwest of Aleppo, following clashes with the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG).

The FSA factions participating in the Olive Branch Battle gained control of the villages Bolshek and Aliji in Nahiyat Sharan, Northeastern Afrin, following battles with the YPG.

Artillery shelling hit the village of Kara Teba in Northern Afrin, 43 kilometers north of Aleppo, during continued clashes in the area during the Olive Branch Battle.

Loyalist artillery shelling killed and injured three civilians in Kafr Hamra, 8 kilometers northwest of Aleppo.

Artillery shelling between the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Syrian Liberation Front killed and injured six civilians in the village of Shamiko, Western Aleppo.

The Syrian Liberation Front captured 20 HTS fighters and killed and injured others in clashes in the southern Idlib countryside.

The Syrian Civil Defense evacuated the medical staff of the hospital in the city of Maarrat al-Nu’man, 30 kilometers south of Idlib, Northern Syria. The staff became trapped in the hospital during the clashes between the HTS and the Syrian Liberation Front in the city.

In Eastern Syria, loyalist members defected in the city of Mu-Hassan, 20 kilometers east of Deir ez-Zor, and headed towards areas under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Political and international updates:

The White House has issued a statement accusing Russia of killing innocent civilians in Eastern Ghouta, lying, and using unnecessary violence under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

The White House said that Russia ignored the terms of the Resolution 2401, which demands a 30-day ceasefire in all of Syria, and killed innocent civilians under the pretext of fighting terrorist groups. The White House added that Russian warplanes in the Hmeimim airbase carried out 20 airstrikes per day between the 24th and 28th of February 2018.

On Sunday, the UN received Syrian government approval to send a humanitarian aid convoy to the besieged city of Duma in Eastern Ghouta. The convoy had been waiting for days before the Syrian government approved it.

The UN said on their official website that a 46-truck convoy of medical eqipment and food stuffs is getting ready to enter the city of Duma. Ali al-Zaatari, the UN coordinator of humanitarian affairs, is at the front of the convoy, which should provide sufficient aid for 27,000 civilians.  

The Military Staff of the Syrian Interim Government revealed the formation of a military court and police force in the areas under the control of the Syrian National Army in Northern Aleppo, Northern Syria.

Colonel Haytham al-Affesi, the General Staff, stated that the Ministry of Defense of the Interim Government decided to form a military court in the city of al-Bab, 38 kilometers east of Aleppo, and open centers for the military police in the cities of Azaz, al-Bab, and Jarablus.

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تحرير محمد علاء | ترجمة محمد غيث | تحرير الترجمة Vera Halvorsen 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 5 مارس، 2018 2:08:39 م تقرير دوليعسكريسياسيأعمال واقتصاداجتماعيإغاثي وإنساني عدوان روسي
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