Syrian government forces shell Duma city, Eastern Damascus, and second group of displaced persons from Eastern Ghouta arrives in Qalat al-Madiq, Hama

تحرير عبيدة النبواني | ترجمة غلوري جابر | تحرير الترجمة Vera Halvorsen 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 26 مارس، 2018 1:12:14 م تقرير عسكريإغاثي وإنساني تهجير

Field and local developments:

On Monday, Syrian government forces shelled the city of Duma (14 kilometers east of Damascus) despite a Russian ceasefire agreement in the city. Ten shells hit residential neighborhoods in the city, injuring nine civilians.

Yesterday, the civil negotiation committee of Duma held a negotiation session with Russia to achieve an agreement regarding the city. The negotiation session included calls for providing humanitarian aid and emphasized the importance of the ceasefire.

On Monday, the second group of displaced persons from Eastern Ghouta arrived at the crossing of the Qalat al-Madiq city (42 kilometers northwest of Hama). This group consisted of 84 buses carrying 5,314 people accompanied by the Syrian Red Crescent.

Yesterday, 75 buses carrying displaced persons from the cities and towns of Eastern Ghouta left for Northern Syria for the second day in a row. Local sources reported that loyalist forces arrested about 150 men who were required for compulsory military service in the city of Saqba, which was recently seized by the Syrian government.

The local council of Maarrat al-Nu’man city south of Idlib reported that they are ready to receive internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Eastern Ghouta, according to availability. The council also condemned the "systematic and suspicious" absence of international humanitarian organizations as the Syrian government openly violates IDPs' rights.

Yesterday, the medical students at Idlib University, Northern Syria, launched a blood donation campaign. The campaign aims to help the wounded and patients all over the Idlib governorate in cooperation with the surgical hospital. 70 donors from all blood types responded to the campaign.

Idlib University also launched its fourth soccer championship. The championship includes 16 teams, each representing the university's colleges and institutes. Soccer matches will be held on a daily basis throughout the month until one team wins the championship.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the Turkish Army and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions will continue the Olive Branch Operation soon, to gain control of the city of Tal Rifaat north of Aleppo, Northern Syria.

A military commander in the Third Division of the FSA told SMART that the battle for gaining control of the Tal Rifaat city will probably start in early April. He expected that it will take them only one day to gain control of the city.

The leaders of the Ahrar al-Sharqiya and Hamzah groups of the FSA reached an agreement to stop clashes between each other north of Aleppo. The clashes killed a military commander of the Ahrar al-Sharqiya and two fighters of Hamzah, and wounded others on both sides. The Ahrar al-Sharqiya also arrested 200 fighters of the Hamzah group.

A security source in the Asayish forces of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration reported that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units handed over seven detainees to the Syrian government forces. The detainees had been imprisoned in the city of al-Tabaqa, Western Raqqa, and were accused of belonging to the Islamic State (ISIS).

Today, ISIS gained control of the Sha’afah city in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor, after four hours of nighttime clashes with the Syrian Democratic Forces. The International Coalition forces were not present.

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تحرير عبيدة النبواني | ترجمة غلوري جابر | تحرير الترجمة Vera Halvorsen 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 26 مارس، 2018 1:12:14 م تقرير عسكريإغاثي وإنساني تهجير
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