Displacement of people of Eastern Ghouta continues along with negotiations about towns of Southern Damascus and United States forces station in Ras al-Ain, Hasakah

تحرير محمد علاء | ترجمة سمارة بلبول | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 28 مارس، 2018 9:05:49 م تقرير دوليعسكريسياسيأعمال واقتصاداجتماعيإغاثي وإنسانيفن وثقافة تهجير

Local and field news:

The buses that will transport the displaced persons from the central part of Eastern Ghouta toward the north of Syria have entered Irbin (9 kilometers east of Damascus).

Local activists reported that transferring the people is chaotic and random, pointing out that a large number of people wish to leave the area.

Some Syrian government loyalists attacked the second convoy from the fourth group of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) traveling from the central sector of Eastern Ghouta. The convoy was passing through Tartous, before finally reaching al-Madiq Castle in the suburbs of Hama.

Activists accompanying the convoy reported that some Syrian government loyalists began to throw stones at the buses carrying the IDPs as they passed the main road heading towards al-Madiq castle. The loyalists damaged the buses, harassed, and insulted the IDPs.

Jaysh Al Ababil, affiliated with the Free Syrian Army, said that their military factions commanders have the vision to save the towns of Yilda, Bibila and Beit Sahm (7 kilometers south of Damascus) from the scourge of war.

Local sources reported earlier that Russian officers have met with a military committee of representatives of the factions in the towns of Southern Damascus. The officers gave the representatives the choice of reconciliation with the government or to exile to the north.

The head of the political office of Jaysh Al Ababil, who introduced himself as Abu Al Hakam, said that the negotiation had not reached a final agreement, as the military factions have not decided yet.

In the north, the school of Harza (35 kilometers north of Idlib), a demonstration was held to protest against the forced displacement by the loyalist forces in different parts of Syria.

The students raised signs and illustrations expressing their regret about what is happening in Syria; they also expressed their solidarity with the displaced people of the towns and cities of Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian Liberation Front gained control over a village that was controlled by the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, Western Aleppo, Northern Syria.

The Liberation Front reported in a statement that they gained control over the village of Basraton (20 kilometers west of Aleppo). The Liberation Front seized the town after clashes with Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham.

Suspected Russian aerial bombing and government missile killed four civilians and injured others in three towns in the south and west of Idlib, Northern Syria.

The University of Idlib will admit internally displaced students from Eastern Ghouta without paying any tuition fees.

Authorities operating in the cities of Mourek and Lahaya, Northern issued a statement announcing the suspension of schools indefinitely in the region because of the failure to implement the promises they had received from Jaysh al-Izza and the Ahrar Al-Sham Movement.

The statement included the signatures of the staff of the Martyrs of Mourek school and the Shura council of Halfaya and Mourek and stated that they would suspend schools since they have been working for free, during the past period.

local sources reported that a US military patrol stationed in Ras al-Ain (68 kilometers northwest of al-Hasakah), Northeastern Syria, to monitor the Syrian-Turkish Borders.

The sources said that US soldiers are centered in the al-Sawame’ (Silos) area of the city after they informed the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) that they would monitor what they called “Turkish encroachments” and bombings on the area.

The governorate council of Raqqa, affiliated with the Syrian interim government, called upon the International Alliance and international organizations to hand the governorate to its residents, so they can administer it after the Alliance expelled the Islamic State from the city four months ago. 

The council urged to establish local committees, police, a judicial system and a unified army from the residents of the governorate to defend it.

Dozens of families in Raqqa organized a protest against Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) recruiting their children in al-Tabaqa, Raqqa, Northeastern Syria.

A local source reported that 75 families stood by al-Asayesh Forces headquarters in the city, protesting against the recruitment of their children into Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

Farmers in besieged Rastan northern Homs, Central Syria, rely on growing vegetables in plastic tunnels to achieve self-sufficiency.

The agricultural official in the local council of Rastan, Muhammad al-Tafas, reported that 25 percent of farmers rely on plastic tunnels covering their crops. The plastic tunnels improve the production levels and quality.

Political and international news:

The International Alliance against the ISIS admitted that the military operations against the ISIS in Iraq and Syria accidentally killed 855 civilians.

The Alliance reported that they are still investigating in 522 reports that indicate the death of civilians in the two countries. The alliance pointed out that they received 2135 death reports, 224 were proved, according to a statement published on the official website of  "Al Azm Al Salb" operation.

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