Jaysh Al Islam negotiates with Russian to stay in Douma, and Kurdish People’s Protection Units plant landmines on Syrian-Turkish borders

تحرير حسن برهان | ترجمة سمارة بلبول | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 30 مارس، 2018 8:00:49 م تقرير دوليعسكريسياسي جيش الإسلام


Local and field news

Jaysh Al Islam reported that they are still negotiating with Russia about the last areas in Douma (14 kilometers east of Damascus).

Hamza Berakadar, the Spokesman of the Jaysh Al Islam, reported in a statement that they want to remain in the city to protect the civilians. He assured that they would not hand over the heavy weapons. He also pointed out that they will not be a part of the government military police or the National Defense Forces.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) reduced the number of landmines in their controlled areas near the Turkish borders. The units expect Turkish attack in the area.

A source from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who preferred not to mention his name, reported that the YPG reduced the number of the landmines in the west and east of Ain Al Arab (Kobani).

Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham seized food packages allocated for the Internally Displaced People from Eastern Ghouta, who arrived recently to Idlib, Northern Syria.

Local activists reported that Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham arrested two from the Saed Organization in the mud-house village, Salqin and seized 200 food package that was supposed to be distributed to the Internally Displaced People from Eastern Ghouta.

Dozens protested in Maarat Al Numan, Southern Idlib, Northern Syria. The protesters expressed solidarity with the displaced people of Eastern Ghouta.They raised the revolution flag and chanted “Oh Ghouta, we offer you our blood and souls,” and “I redeem Ghouta with my soul.”

Also, dozens protested in Saraqib, Eastern Idlib, Northern Syria, calling upon Turkey to enter the governorate.

A hundred people participated in the protest. The protesters raised the revolution and the Turkish flags, in addition to signs saying “Turks and Arabs, One History, and a Bright Future,” and “the world gave up on us, Turkey, don’t leave us, you are in our heart.”

Palestinian-Syrian activists organized a protest in the town of Yilda (7 kilometers south of Damascus). The protesters condemned closing the Orouba checkpoint that connects the Al Yarmouk camp with the city. The Public Authority of the town of Yilda issued the resolution of closing the checkpoint.

Dr. Muawiyah Muhammad, one of the protest organizers, said in a statement that they demand opening the checkpoint in both directions, permanently and safely, for a civilian. The checkpoint is the only passage for medicine and foodstuff.

Al-Hamza division, affiliated with the Syrian National Army, proclaimed discharging three of its fighters. The division accused the fighters of violating the internal rules and assaulting civilians. The Al Shamiya Front released two of its fighters for similar reasons.

The Al Shamiya Front, affiliated with the Third Brigade of the Syrian National Army, discharged the fighters Firas Alito and Muhammad Shobak. The front accused the two fighters of Contravening the instructions of the General Command. The fighters banned from joining any faction of the Syrian National Army in future.

As a response, the discharged fighters of the Al Shamiya Front attacked the front’s headquarters in the Bab Al Salama crossing, Azaz, 44 kilometers north of Aleppo, Northern Syria.

They broadcasted videos showing fighters saying that they controlled the headquarters. They threatened a commander calls himself "Abu Yassin" and his supporters from the rest of the fighters and military commands.

France said that they agree with the U.S. that the Turkish military attack on Manbij, 84 kilometers east of Aleppo, Northern Syria, is “unacceptable.” The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) control the city.

The Elysee reported in a statement that France would not participate in any military operation in Northern Syria outside the framework of the International Alliance against the Islamic State. France will continue to support the SDF with the aim of stabilizing the region.

The Turkish president said during a speech at the headquarter of "AK" party in Ankara that the reception of " a delegation of elements of a terrorist organization at a high character is nothing but an outright hostility to Turkey," adding that the statement of Elysees on the French mediation between Turkey and "SDF" is beyond its power.

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تحرير حسن برهان | ترجمة سمارة بلبول | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 30 مارس، 2018 8:00:49 م تقرير دوليعسكريسياسي جيش الإسلام
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