Opposition military factions form operations room in Eastern Qalamoun, and Turkey retracts decision to prevent internally displaced persons from entering Aleppo Northern countryside

تحرير حسن برهان | ترجمة محمد غيث | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 3 أبريل، 2018 8:17:56 م تقرير دوليعسكريسياسي تهجير


Local and field updates:

Opposition military factions in the cities of Eastern Qalamoun north of Damascus formed a unified leadership amidst negotiations with Russia about the fate of the area.

On Tuesday, the media office of the unified leadership said in a statement that the unified command includes all military factions in the area.The combined leadership will elect a general commander and form combined operations room and a political office, which runs the negotiations.

The negotiation committee, which represents civil groups and military factions in the city of al-Damir(40 kilometers northeast of Damascus) said that they negotiate Russians to stay in the city.

The committee members added that they discussed with Russians in Damascus the issues of detainees in Syrian government prisons, and the dissidents and wanted for the compulsory and backup military service in government forces’ ranks.   

Dignitaries and military factions in three towns south of Damascus refused an initial agreement, which some factions of the area reached with Russian officers.

On Tuesday, local activists reported that Jaysh al-Ababeel, al-Sham al-Rasoul Division, and Dimashq Division, reached an initial agreement with Russian officers for fighters evacuate the towns of Yalda, Babila, and Beit Sahim in two groups.

In Northern Syria, Turkey retracted a decision to prevent a convoy of internally displaced person IDPs from the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta, from entering the Aleppo Northern countryside, which is controlled by the Turkish backed- factions of the Euphrates Shield Operation.

The IDPs convoy entered the city of al-Bab after it stopped for hours at the checkpoint of the village of Abu Zindin south of the town. Turkey prevented the convoy from coming under the pretext of lack of coordination. The convoy is expected to arrive at shelters in the village of Shbiran near al-Bab.

IDPs from the Afrin Area north of Aleppo in Northern Syria said that some of them paid Hundreds of thousands of Syrian pounds to reach Aleppo, which controlled by government forces.  

IDPs from the Afrin Area north of Aleppo said that reaching the city of Aleppo is almost impossible and requires a  security approval from pro-Syrian government militias located near the town of Nubel and pay large amounts of money to them, up to 500 thousand pounds.

On Tuesday, Foad Alikou, a member of the political commission of the Syrian National Coalition, said that they seek to form local councils in the Afrin Area ( 43 kilometers north of Aleppo) in Northern Syria, under the supervision of the Interim Syrian Government.   

Alikou added that they coordinate with the Free Syrian Army and Save Afrin Conference to restore stability and security in the Afrin Area. Alikou Point out to the existence of excesses by what he called "unregulated elements" is gradually controlled.

The Military Prosecution of the Free Syrian National Army began to return the stolen property to its owners and prosecutes those involved in the looting of Afrin, Aleppo, Northern Syria. Free Syrian National Army fighters looted Afrin after seized the city.

On Monday, a representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office, Judge Mahmoud Dunya, said that the stolen money and property were held in the detention garages of the Military Court in the city of Azaz, Northern Aleppo. The Military Prosecution returned 20 stolen cars to their real owners after they presented their identification papers.

Foad Alikou accused the Kurdish Democratic Union Party(PYD) of cooperating with Syrian government forces against Kurdish” oppositionists” following a lawsuit against him.

Alikou said that the PYD lacks lawful reference and they want to cover their defeat in the Afrin Area (north of Aleppo) by issuing a lawsuit to distract attention from tragedies the PYD caused in the area.

In Idlib, on Tuesday, Russian and Syrian government airstrikes killed eight civilians and injured dozens in towns and villages in the Idlib southern countryside, Northern Syria.

Political and international updates:

On Tuesday, American television channel CNN network quoted an official from the U.S Defense Ministry saying that the US military plans to send more troops to Syria, despite comments by President Donald Trump intention to withdraw US troops from the country soon.

The CNN  added that the plan to send soldiers was discussed for several days before Trump made his remarks that confused the Ministry of Defense, noting that the US National Security Council will meet later today to discuss the Syrian file and the 2,000 troops there.

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تحرير حسن برهان | ترجمة محمد غيث | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 3 أبريل، 2018 8:17:56 م تقرير دوليعسكريسياسي تهجير
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