Free Syrian Army decides on agreement with Russia to evacuate fighters and civilians from Easter Qalamoun, and Internally Displaced Persons convoy arrive in Afrin

تحرير حسن برهان | ترجمة سمارة بلبول | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 20 أبريل، 2018 8:41:25 م تقرير عسكريسياسيإغاثي وإنساني تهجير


Local and field news:

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) revealed the details of the agreement with Russia. The deal requires evacuating fighters and civilians from Eastern Qalamoun, Northeastern Damascus.

Fares al Munjed, the head of the Martyr Ahmad al Abdo Forces Media Office, said that the agreement requires the faction fighters who wish to leave with their weapons after they hand in the heavy ones. The Russians will organize the evacuation.

A convoy of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from al Dumair, Eastern Qalamoun, Rif Dimashq (47 kilometers northeast of Damascus), arrived in Janderis, Afrin, Aleppo, Northern Syria.

Activists reported that the convoy passed the Abu al Zinden crossing, al-Bab, which is under control al Furat shield, the convoy then passed by Azaz heading toward Janderis, where the IDPs will stay in a camp and other houses.

Afterward, the Syrian government reported on its media seizing al Dumair, Eastern Qalamoun, Rif Dimashq. The government took control over the city after implementing the agreement of evacuating the fighters and civilians.

SANA government news agency published photos and a video showing the so-called police of the Ministry of the Interior entering the city. The police forces raised the government flag and pictures of Bashar al Assad.

Residents and local bodies established a regional council of Janderis, Southwestern Afrin, 43 kilometers north of Aleppo, Northern Syria. The Turkish government supported creating the new council, which will commence operating next Monday.

The head of the new local council, Subhi Rizk, said that the election took place on Thursday. The council includes young people, 15-members, contains 12 Kurdish members and three Arabs. Rizk added that afterward, they elected ahead of the council and Fawzi Hasan as a deputy. They also selected four executive members.

New Turkish reinforcement arrived in al Sarman silos, Jarjanaz, 36 kilometers south of Idlib, Northern Syria. The reinforcement is part of spreading Turkish forces that are required in the de-escalation agreement.

Local activists reported that the convoy included five cars and vehicles carrying logistics. The convoy entered to reinforce the Turkish control point that has been established earlier in the al Sarman silos area.

The government forces and the supporting militia continue to escalate the hostilities in Southern Damascus. The government warplanes launched ten raids on the al Tadamon neighborhood, Southern Damascus, which is under the Islamic State control. The aircraft also launched two attacks on the IS-controlled areas in the al Yarmouk camp.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) bombing killed two civilians in Eastern Deir Ezzor, Eastern Syria. The Syrian Network for Human Rights reported that SDF missile attack killed a man and a woman in the IS-controlled village of al Sousa, Boukamal (130 kilometers east of Deir Ezzor).

The FSA and Islamic factions clashed with the government forces and the supporting militias in Northern Homs, Central Syria. The government forces attempted to advance in the area.

Officer Talal Mansour, the Northern Homs Operation Room Commander, reported that the FSA and Islamic factions repelled an advancement attempt by the loyalist forces toward the villages of al Homr and Salim, Northern Homs. He pointed out that the clashes killed and injured several loyalist fighters, without knowing the exact number, in addition to killing an FSA fighter and wounding others.

In Idlib, dozens of civilians protested in Maarat al Numan, Southern Idlib, Northern Syria. The protesters condemned Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham practices and their latest attack on the city.

A hundred people participated in the protest. They raised the revolution flag, and signs saying “Assad bombs hospitals from the sky and al Jawlani breaks into them from the ground,” and “the blood of our martyrs will burn every oppressor.” the protesters chanted against HTS and its leader Abu Muhammad al Jawlani, and called for expelling them from the city.

The local council of al Lataminah, 35 kilometers north of Hama, Central Syria, appealed to humanitarian organizations and associations to contact and support them. The council needs the support because the government bombing has destroyed 90% of the city.

The head of the local council, Hussam Hasan, said that the old local council quit two months ago, but it is still operating. He pointed out that the civilians suffer from poor living conditions, due to the intense bombing and the massacres the government committed in the city.

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تحرير حسن برهان | ترجمة سمارة بلبول | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 20 أبريل، 2018 8:41:25 م تقرير عسكريسياسيإغاثي وإنساني تهجير
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