Syrian government bombings displace hundreds of civilians in Daraa; Russia does not rule out sending military police to Southern Syria

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Local and Field Updates:

200 out of 4,000 families evacuated the town of al-Hara, northwest of Daraa for the adjacent Quneitra governorate due to the Syrian government forces bombings on the area. Muhammad al-Dahi, the head of the local council of the town said that the families fled the city, adding that the current situation does not require the families to leave.  

Residents evacuated the town of Nahita, east of the Daraa governorate, Southern Syria due to the Syrian government forces’ bombings. Muhammad Shukri al-Darghan, the head of the local council of the town, stated that 90 percent of children, women, and elderlies evacuated the city, and only 500 people remained.

On Wednesday, Syrian government forces’ artillery shelling killed a civilian and injured three others in the town of Kafr Shams, northwest of Daraa. Similar shelling hit the towns of Nimr and al-Hara. The shelling came from the Syrian government forces’ outposts in the town of Ghabagheb, the Ninth Division in al-Sanamin, and Taloul Fatima.

On Tuesday, Syrian government forces’ artillery shelling killed two civilians and injured others in the al-Lajat area and the Northeastern Daraa countryside. Syrian government artillery shelling hit neighborhoods of the Daraa al-Balad.

The Military Council of the city of al-Harra in Daraa canceled the primary market activity on Wednesday due to the Syrian government forces’ bombings on the area. The council said that they prevented gatherings in public squares and places threatened to be bombed.

Civil and military committees imposed sanctions against traders, who exploit the Syrian government military escalation against Daraa to monopolizes commodities and fuel. The local council of the city of Umm Walad called upon concerned sides and traders to consider residents’ conditions and not to monopolize materials. 

In recent days, the Syrian government forces intensified bombings on Daraa and sent substantial military reinforcements, threatening to launch a wide-ranged attack against the area.

On Tuesday, the Southern Front of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) called upon people of the Sweida governorate, Southern Syria to neutralize themselves from the military escalation in the area and” not drag the area into hell.” The Southern Front noted that they would respond to any attack from Sweida.

The al-Ahrar al-Sham Islamist Movement, Umar al-Mukhtar Brigades, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, and al-Fath Brigades formed the Mahaja Revolutionaries Gathering in the town of Mahaja, north of Daraa to repel the Syrian government forces and stand against pressures on residents to accept reconciliation with the Syrian government.  

On Tuesday, the al-Jabal al-Islam Battalion ambushed the Syrian government forces in the al-Turkuman mountainous area, north of Latakia, Western Syria, killing five members of the government forces.  

Local activists reported that the al-Jabal al-Islam fighters ambushed the government forces members in the al-Saraf area, destroying a 4x4 vehicle provided with 23 mm machine gun, and killing five members of the Syrian government forces.

On Tuesday, the intelligence service of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration arrested 11 youths in the al-Sabahiya neighborhood, Western al-Raqqa under the accusations of opposing the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and civil administration.  

Sources reported that the detainees are accused of posting posts and statements against the SDF and civil administration on pro-Syrian government social media and the streets of al-Raqqa.  

Public transportation buses’ drivers in the city of Amouda, north of al-Hasakah increased the wages of transportation following the Kurdish Autonomous Administration’s decision to increase the prices of fuel.

On Wednesday, driver Ahmad Sa’id Alo said that the wage of transportation increased from 300 to 400 Syrian pounds per passenger from the city of Amouda to al-Hasakah. Alo added that the raising the fees followed the Kurdish Autonomous Administration increasing the price of diesel from 40 to 50 Syrian pounds per liter.

Political and International Fields:

On Tuesday, Alexander Lavrentiev, the Russian special envoy to Syria stated that Moscow does not rule out sending Russian military police to Southern Syria, which is included by the de-escalation agreement, if necessary.

The Russian statements followed a meeting between the United Nations special envoy to Syria, Staffan De Mistura and representatives of  Russia, Iran, and Turkey, the guarantors of the agreement in the Swiss capital of Geneva, according to Russian news agency of Sputnik.

De Mistura stated that a universal background emerged about forming the Syrian Constitutional Committee, which De Mistura and countries of leverage in Syria attempt to create.

De Mistura noted in a statement that Russian, Turkish, and senior Iranian officials held essential discussions about the method of forming the committee and its work. De Mistura added that they would hold further talks about the committee in the coming weeks, according to Reuters.

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تحرير عبيدة النبواني | ترجمة محمد غيث | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 20 يونيو، 2018 12:11:05 م تقرير عسكريسياسي نزوح
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