Syrian Government bombing kills and injures civilians in Daraa; two car bombs explode in Afrin, Aleppo

Local and field news:

The Syrian Government forces targeted a bus carrying civilians with a guided missile in the outskirts of Daraa, Southern Syria. The attack killed a civilian and injured two others.

The Free Education Directorate of Daraa suspended the secondary and preparatory exams in Daraa, due to the intense bombing.

Hundreds of internally displaced families from Daraa to al-Quneitra, suffer from poor living conditions. The camps are not capable of receiving the large number.

The Syrian Government forces withdrew from areas which they recently seized in the al-Sweida desert, Southern Syria. The Islamic State advanced toward these areas.

In Northern Syria, two car bombs killed and injured civilians and fighters in Afrin, which is under the Olive Branch factions control, Aleppo.

Activists reported that two car bombs exploded near the Kawa Haddad square, near the al-Saraya building, Central Afrin. The car bombs killed 11 civilians and a Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighter and injured more than 20 others, including women and children.

In Eastern Syria, activists denied seizing the Deir Ez-Zor desert by the Syrian Government after clashes with the IS.

The Syrian Government forces reported in a recorded statement that they repelled the IS from 5,800 kilometers, after clashes. The clashes reached the Homs administrative border. The IS escaped from the area toward an unknown destination.

The Syrian Government Forces arrested 36 men from Eastern Deir Ez-Zor for forcible conscription.

The Syriac Military Council gained control over a village in the Tal Tamr district, 39 kilometers east of al-Hasakah, Northeastern Syria. The village was controlled by the al-Natour security forces, which include Assyrians. Both parties are affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

In Central Syria, a landmine killed a former FSA commander, a Syrian Government officer, and fighters in Northern Homs.


The intense, almost constant Syrian Government bombing affected the civilians and farmers movement in al-Lataminah, Hama, Central Syria.

The Head of the Local Council of al-Lataminah, Hussam al-Hassan, stated that the residents were forced to buy goods from the nearby markets in Kafr Zita and Khan Sheikhoun, out of fear of reconnaissance planes targeting civilians.

Political and international news:

Members of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) agreed by majority to a British-led proposal to give the organization more powers to identify those responsible for internationally banned toxic materials attacks.

The U.K. said that Russia, Iran, and Syria had sought to block a proposal by several Western countries to strengthen the authority of the OPCW by identifying those responsible for launching lethal weapons.

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