Islamic State attacks military airport in al-Suwayda, and Syrian Government transfers Islamic State fighters to al-Suwayda desert

تحرير حسن برهان | ترجمة سمارة بلبول | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 1 أغسطس، 2018 8:20:58 م تقرير عسكريإغاثي وإنساني تنظيم الدولة الإسلامية

Local and field news:

In Southern Syria,  the Islamic State (ISIS) launched an attack on the Khulkhalah military airbase in al-Suwayda, Southern Syria. The IS proclaimed killing dozens of  Syrian Government forces members and destroying several planes.

The IS killed 45 Syrian Government members and destroyed two warplanes and six aircraft during the attack, according to IS media.

A private source reported that the Syrian government forces transferred 80 IS fighters from the al-Yarmouk basin, Western Daraa, to the desert in Eastern al-Suwayda.

The source added that two buses were carrying ISIS fighters, who were captured during the Syrian Government military operation in the al-Yarmouk basin. The buses left the city of Tafas for the desert of al-Suwayda last night, and the fighters’ nationalities are still unknown.

The source said that the transfer of prisoners comes as a part of a prisoner exchange agreement with the abducted women from al-Suwayda by the IS.

Dozens of people protested in al-Suwayda, demanding to release the kidnapped women by the IS.

The protesters raised photos of the kidnapped women and signs assuring that Syria will remain free and that the victims of the latest ISiS attack will not be forgotten and all traitors should leave Syria.

The Syrian Government forces escalated hostilities against the last base of the Khalid Ibn al-Walid Army, which is accused of pledging the IS, in the al-Yarmouk basin, Western Daraa, Southern Syria.

Activists reported that the Syrian Government forces continue to shell the Khalid Ibn al-Walid Army bases in the villages of al-Quseir and Maaraba, with artillery and barrels.

In Northern Syria, Syrian government artillery shelling injured civilians in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib.

The shooting killed a civilian and injured another in the village of Jozeph, Ihsem district (26 kilometers south of Idlib).

The anonymous shooting killed a civilian and three Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham fighters in Southern Idlib.

An unknown explosive device injured two civilians near the city of Sarmin (eight kilometers east of Idlib).

Another explosive device injured civilians in Western Aleppo.

A cluster bomb, the remnant from earlier bombing, injured a man and his wife in the city of Kafr Zita, Hama, Central Syria.

The local administration and civil society organizations of the city of Mari, Aleppo, Northern Syria, seek to support women's projects and women's representation in the city's local council.

Omar Zari, the media office of the city's local council, reported that the council had signed an understanding memorandum with the Fus'hat Amal organization regarding empowering women and supporting small projects for them (under $2,000), such as small tailoring workshops and a hairdressing salon.

In Eastern Syria, the administration of the al-Hall camp (40 kilometers east of al-Hasakah) reported that the UNICEF has cut off drinking water from the camp.

The director of the camp, Sulafa Sheikho, said that the UNICEF used to distribute 300 cubic meters of water a day. She noted that the UNICEF cut the water "without informing them."

An International Coalition delegation, accompanied by members of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), visited the destroyed neighborhoods of the city of al-Raqqa, Northeastern Syria.

Eyewitnesses reported that International Coalition commanders entered the destroyed neighborhoods in the city with a seven-vehicle convoy, three of which are armored vehicles that belong to the YPG.


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تحرير حسن برهان | ترجمة سمارة بلبول | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 1 أغسطس، 2018 8:20:58 م تقرير عسكريإغاثي وإنساني تنظيم الدولة الإسلامية
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