Explosions and fires hit al-Mazzah military airbase; Syrian government forces' bombings kill pregnant woman and child in Idlib

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Field and local news:

On Saturday night, explosions and fires went off in the al-Mazzah military airbase, Western Damascus.

On their social media pages, civilians and local activists said the explosions could be heard in all parts of Damascus and in towns west of the city. Many assumed that an Israeli airstrike or missile bombing caused the explosions.

In Daraa, reconstruction continues in several neighborhoods of the destroyed city in Southern Syria.

An anonymous source reported that more than 70 percent of the city's neighborhoods were destroyed, and that civilians rush to restore their homes without any help from organizations or the Syrian government.

In Northern Syria, a Syrian government forces' bombing killed a pregnant woman and her child in the town of Badama, Western Idlib.

Hussam Dleilo, the head of the Badama's Civil Defense center, reported that the Syrian government forces based in Northern Lattakia targeted Badama with more than four missiles, killing a pregnant woman in her eighth month and her two-year-old daughter, and destroying civilian property.

Also in Northern Syria, a car bomb exploded in the town of Kafr Sajnah (30 kilometers south of Idlib), injuring a child, as an explosive device exploded in the town of Maasaran, without causing any casualties.

Local activists said that a car bomb exploded in Kafr Sajna on Sunday morning, injuring a child, who was transported to hospital, and destroying residential buildings and civilian property.

In Aleppo, Northern Syria, a car bomb exploded in the city of Afrin, injuring two fighters from the opposition faction Islam Army.

A military source reported that a pick-up truck carrying explosive materials exploded near the entrance of Afrin as an Islam Army vehicle was passing by, injuring two Islam Army fighters who were transported to a nearby medical center.

A hand grenade explosion injured six Free Police officers in the city of Azaz in Aleppo.

Dozens of people demonstrated in two villages in Western Aleppo in solidarity with the Idlib governorate, condemning the military campaign that the Syrian government forces are threatening to launch against Idlib.

More than 75 civilians demonstrated in solidarity with Idlib in the village of Abyan Samaan, raising the flag of the Syrian Revolution and banners that read, "We refuse all kinds of Russia, Iranian and Assadi occupation" and "Idlib will not kneel but to God."

Unknown persons demanded a ransom in exchange for the life of a person they kidnapped in the Afrin area (43 kilometers north of Aleppo).

On social media, activists circulated a video that shows a masked person holding a knife to the neck of the civilian, Ghassan Omar Fawzi Hassan, while demanding the civilian's relatives to pay a 10 million Syrian pounds in ransom.

In Northern Homs, Central Syria, the Syrian government forces arrested several people promoting reconciliation with the Syrian government, as well as several other men.

A local source reported that the Syrian government forces arrested two people working as Sharia court judges in the Northern Homs countryside, in addition to three Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters, adding that they were promoting reconciliation with the Syrian government before the latter seized the whole area.

Civil sources reported that the Syrian government forces are arresting expatriates arriving at several Syrian border checkpoints to blackmail their relatives for money.

Sources from Hama said that they documented eight arrest cases in the Lattakia Airport and the border passages between Syria and Lebanon, where the Syrian government forces arrested several people and demanded 10 million SYP as ransom via mediators from the Shabihah militia.

In Northeastern Syria, a dispute between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters killed a fighter of the SDF's al-Sanadid Forces and injured another at a checkpoint in the al-Hasakah governorate.

International and political news:

On Saturday, two people from the National Liberation Front (NLF) said that the Turkish government reached an agreement that prevents the Syrian government forces from launching a military attack against the Idlib governorate.

On his Twitter account, Khalid Abu Anas, a member of the consultative assembly of the Ahrar al-Sham Islamist Movement, which is a component of the NLF, said that he received information regarding a "success in the Turkish efforts to spare the liberated areas’ destruction," without mentioning the party with which Turkey concluded the agreement.

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