High Negotiations Committee boycotts Sochi conference

تحرير عبيدة النبواني | ترجمة نهى سالطي | تحرير الترجمة Vera Halvorsen 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 27 يناير، 2018 12:49:07 م خبر سياسي مفاوضات

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The High Negotiations Committee announces to boycott the Syrian National Dialogue conference, hosted by Russia in Sochi on 29 and 30 January, after 24 members of the committee refused to attend the conference. The High Negotiations Committe was founded by the Syrian revolution and opposition forces in 2015, and aims to form a negotiating delegation that represents the Syrian revolution forces in the Geneva talks.

The president of the Cairo Platform, Firas al-Khaldi, said that they commit to the committee's decision, as the Moscow Platform's president, Qadri Jamil, thought that the committee had not yet taken the final decision to attend or boycott the conference. According to Jamil, 24 members refused to attend the conference, while the number required to take a decision is between 26 and 36 members.

A member of the National Coordination Committee, Alice Mfarej, told SMART that the voting was made on the decision to attend the conference rather than refusing it, adding that only ten members wished to attend the conference, while the number should reach 26 members. She confirmed that the decision to boycott Sochi is a final decision.

Mfarej added that the Moscow Platform proposed the voting mechanism during the Riyadh 2 Conference, adding that what Qadri Jamil said is either a misunderstanding of the mechanism or an attempt to understand the mechanism in a different way.

Mfarej noted that the Cairo Platform and the independent members of the committee that voted to attend the conference, announced their commitment to the committee's decision, considering this commitment as strengthening to democracy. She added that the Moscow Platform did not announce its commitment and that the platform makes its own decisions.   

Mfarej also added that they were subjected to great pressure, either to make them attend the conference or to refuse. She confirmed that they have taken this decision independently based on what they observe from the Syrian government, which they see as not willing to engage in any negotiations. The committee made the decision without waiting for the decision of the Secretary General of the United Nations.  

Earlier, the High Committee's spokesman, Yehia al-Aridi, told SMART that during the Vienna Talks, they did not receive any guarantees from the Syrian government committing to a political solution. The conference's invitation was widely refused by the public, who supported the decision by the Daraa, Quneitra and Damascus Suburbs provinces, which all refuse to attend the conference and condemn the attending members.     

Earlier yesterday, Russia said that the Sochi conference would not lead to a "decisive" political solution, as the central channel of the Hmemim air base said on its official Facebook page: "The opposition's choise to not attend the conference will lead to several consequences in the field," adding, "delaying the political process will not be in the interest of the Syrian opposition in any way."

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تحرير عبيدة النبواني | ترجمة نهى سالطي | تحرير الترجمة Vera Halvorsen 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 27 يناير، 2018 12:49:07 م خبر سياسي مفاوضات
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