Kurdish parties and groups call United Nations to eject Turkey and Free Syrian Army from Afrin

تحرير أمنة رياض | ترجمة محمد غيث | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 29 مايو، 2018 8:48:47 م خبر سياسي وحدات حماية الشعب الكردية


Tukey, SMART

Kurdish parties, groups, and institutions delivered a letter to the General Secretary of the United Nations and High Commissioner of human rights to pressure Turkey and the Free Syrian Army(FSA) to withdraw from Afrin area in Aleppo, Northern Syria.

The letter said that  Afrin area suffers from a humanitarian disaster due to the absence of law reinforcements and violations against civilians following the Olive Branch Battle and FSA gaining control of the city.

The letter added,” what the Turkish backed FSA factions commit of murder, stealing, kidnapping, assaults, displacing residents, seizing properties rises to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity according to international law.   

The letter accused Tukey and the FSA of systematic seeking to destroy a part of or the entire of the Kurdish component, relying on a national base to change the ethnic and national particularity of the Kurdish Afrin area.

The Kurdish parties and groups called to pressure Turkey to stop what is happening in the Afrin area, withdraw, and release detainees and missing, stop all kinds of violence, sticking to the standards of treating war captives under the international war law and humanitarian law.

The Kurdish parties and groups called upon Turkey to stop settlement of Arab families in Afrin, allow media outlets and international and humanitarian organizations to enter the area to convey what is happening, start investigation and trials against crimes and violations perpetrators in Afrin regardless of their posts, and compensate the victims of the crimes.”

Kurdish National Coalition, Democratic Union Party, Kurdish Cultural Democratic Party, Kurdistani Brotherhood Party, Adil Human Rights center, Kurdish Committee of Human Rights in Syria, Kurdish Organization of Human Rights, Threatened Peoples Society, Izdina Institution, and other sides signed the letter.

On Mar.18, 2018, the National Army and Second and Third Legions of the FSA gained entire control over the city of Afrin without resistance by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units. The FSA also gained control over six Nahiyats: Bulbul, Rajo, al-Sheikh Hadeed, Sharan, Jandayris, and Mo’aitali  in the military campaign, which the FSA launched with the Turkish Army on Jan.21,2018.

On Tuesday, a local official in the Afrin area stated that residents of the city would leave in case the military factions continue to commit violations against civilians.

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تحرير أمنة رياض | ترجمة محمد غيث | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 29 مايو، 2018 8:48:47 م خبر سياسي وحدات حماية الشعب الكردية
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