Forcibly displaced people protest lack of food in al-Rukban camp, Homs

تحرير عبيدة النبواني | ترجمة محمد غيث | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 10 أكتوبر، 2018 2:19:42 م خبر إغاثي وإنساني نزوح


Homs - SMART

Forcibly displaced people (FDP) in the al-Rukban camp at the Jordanian border, 220 kilometers south of Homs, Central Syria, organized a sit-in to demand food aid entry after the Syrian government forces prevent food from entering the camp.

The FDP demanded the entry of essential materials, necessary medicine, flour, and baby formula.

The FDP decried neglecting their demands by humanitarian aid organizations, United Nations, and Jordan, emphasizing that they are civilians evacuated their villages due to war.  

The FDP raise signs saying, "The children in the al-Rukban camp have neither food nor medicine," Assad prevents the children in the camp from food and formula, and, "The al-Rukban camp is a camp of FDP and not a gathering of terrorists."

Muhammad Dirbas al-Khalidi, the head of the local council in the camp said that they called upon the International Coalition to save the children in the camp. Al-Khalidi added that they run out of attempts to contact all humanitarian organizations, and called upon the Syrian government to open roads. al-Khalidi noted that none of the sides replied to them.

Al-Khalidi added that the local council calls upon the commander of the Maghaweer al-Thawra Army, colonel Muhanad al-Tala’ to attack the Syrian government forces’ checkpoints on the al-Damir and Tadmur roads in response to the Syrian government forces’ besiege on the camp.

On Wednesday, the Response Coordinators called to open the Jordanian border from the side of the camp for food aid to enter. The coordinators confirmed that they contacted organizations in Jordan that showed readiness to intervene, but had obstacles in closing the border.  

In the last two weeks, the Sham dispensary counted 14 deaths in the al-Rukban camp due to the lack of medical care. The civil administration of the camp appealed to organizations to provide food aid a week after the Syrian government forces prevented food materials from entering the camp.

The Sham medical center counted 14 deaths in two weeks in the camp due to the lack of medical care.

On September 23, 2018, the United Nations Children’s Fund reopened the only medical clinic in the camp after Jordan closed the clinic for over a week, causing a child to die after he was denied entry into Jordan to be treated in a Jordanian hospital.

The camp suffers from the lack of livelihood opportunities and deteriorating healthcare and education. One of the UN Goodwill Ambassadors to the Middle East and North Africa, Naseer Shamma, does not think the UN High Commissioner for Refugees office in Amman has performed its duties "properly" in the camp.

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تحرير عبيدة النبواني | ترجمة محمد غيث | تحرير الترجمة فرح ناصيف 🕔 تم النشر بتاريخ : 10 أكتوبر، 2018 2:19:42 م خبر إغاثي وإنساني نزوح
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