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Russia and Syrian government bomb eastern Damascus, killing and injuring hundreds of civilians and the Negotiating committee calls for a 30-day truce in Syria

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Freda Hocaine |
Translation: Rand Raslan

Field and local developments:

On Thursday, the Directorate of Free Health in Damascus and its suburbs, announced that the heavy shelling on Eastern Ghouta killed 291 civilians in only 72 hours.

Ten civilians were killed on first count, and others wounded by the Russian and Syrian government warplanes’ aerial bombing on the eastern towns and villages of Ghouta of Syrian capital Damascus.

On Thursday, 26 civilians were killed and others wounded as a result of heavy shelling by the Syrian regime for the fifth consecutive day on the eastern cities and towns of Ghouta of the Syrian capital Damascus.

Local activists said that 17 civilians, including three women and  three children, were killed and others were wounded by loyalist forces’ varied use of airstrikes, heavy artillery and rocket launchers on residential areas in Douma.

The local council of the town of Jasserine, was declared “destroyed”, due to continued heavy shelling on residential neighborhoods over the last 72 hours, and amid the escalation of the towns and villages of the eastern Ghouta.

On Thursday, the Negotiating Committee in the city of al-Rahiba, Northeast Damascus, said it had reached an agreement with the Syrian government to establish control and transfer points of military factions and weapons outside the city, in exchange for opening entry for food and goods.

In Daraa, the local council in the town of Nawa (40 kilometers south-west of Daraa) in Southern Syria began renovating and rehabilitating a primary school at a cost of $67,000.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced 14 of its members were killed during the fighting in the region of Afrin (43 kilometers north of Aleppo) in Northern Syria.

Dozens of people from the town of Pensh, which is 8 kilometers north of Idlib in Northern Syria, demonstrated in solidarity with eastern Ghouta, and called for neutralisation of the fighting between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the Syrian Liberation Front in the city.

The United Kingdom (UK) has announced financial assistance for the construction of 49 water pumps in 122 villages in Idlib, Northern Syria, to benefit 575,000 people.

A civilian was wounded by the loyalist forces’ bombing on the village of Zemaymir, belonging to the city of al-Rastan, which is 22 kilometers north of Homs.

The Free Provincial Council and the local councils in Hama called for demonstrations and protests in all cities and towns outside the control of the Syrian government in the governorate in solidarity with those trapped in Eastern Ghouta under the recent military campaign.

Political and International Developments:

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid bin Raad al-Hussein, said that “the situation in Syria blatantly calls for referral to the International Criminal Court,” which he described as "seven years of deficit in the Security Council.”

On Thursday, the Supreme Commission for Negotiations from the Riyadh 2 conference called for an immediate truce for 30 days in Syria.

The Negotiating Authority said on Twitter that the truce must be accompanied by “serious” negotiations to stabilize the cease-fire and activate the “political and humanitarian tracks.”

On Thursday, the negotiating committee of the revolutionary forces and the Syrian opposition said that Russia should stop taking the Security Council hostage to protect crimes in Syria.