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Rainstorm kills people in Al Hasakah, and Israel announces state of full readiness upon Iranian moves in Syria

Editing: Hasan Borhan |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Nouha Salti

Local and field news:

On Tuesday, heavy rain caused floods in the village of Al Tamah, Northern Al Hasakah, Northeastern Syria, and killed two children.

Activists reported that a nine-year-old girl and her five-year-old brother drowned in a valley in the Tal Bedar area because of floods. The Asayish forces of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration pulled out the body of the girl, as they continue searching for the body of her brother.  

A rainstorm that hit the Idlib governorate blocked roads and destroyed tents of displaced people, while farmers were worried about their yield that might be damaged by the rainstorm.    

Bassem Mustafa, the manager of the Civil Defense in Idlib, stated that all areas in Idlib were affected by the storm, which blocked roads in the cities of Jisir Al Shugur, Harem, Ariha, and Maarat Al Numan. The storm also destroyed walls of several houses in these cities.

In Daraa, Southern Syria, anonymous killers assassinated the military leader of the Nawa Martyrs Legion of the Free Syrian Army.

Jamal Abu Al Zain, the leader of the Ahel Al Azem Legion of the Nawa Rebels Battalion, said that anonymous killers, who were driving a motorcycle, shot fires and killed the leader of the Nawa Martyrs Legion.

Three convoys of displaced people stand by near the city of al-Bab, 38 kilometers east of Aleppo, Northern Syria, waiting for permission to pass through. One of the convoys awaits approval in the Euphrates Shield factions-controlled areas, and the other two in the loyalist forces-controlled areas.   

On Wednesday, a man from the fifth group of the displaced people from the towns of Yilda, Babila, and Beit Sahm, said that they had been stuck at the Abu Al Zindain crossing, west of al-Bab in the loyalist forces-controlled area for more than 18 hours since Tuesday noon. they  

 loyalist People of the Syrian government attacked the second group of displaced people from Northern Homs and Southern Hama, Central Syria while crossing through the Hama governorate.  

Activists reported that loyalist people attacked the convoy, throwing stones at the busses, as they passed through the loyalist forces-controlled villages of Gor al Assi and Toumin.

Local activists assumed that the last group of displaced people of the Southern Damascus towns would leave for Northern Syria next Thursday, after a new group left in the last hours.

On his Facebook page, Matar Ismael, a journalist, said that the seventh and last group would leave for Northern Aleppo on Thursday instead of Wednesday, which is a holiday for the Russian forces.    

On Tuesday, the Syria National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces held Iran responsible for the forced displacement operations in Syria, adding that the loyalist forces execute those operations with a Russian sponsorship.  

Abdulrahman Mustafa, the president of the Syrian National Coalition, said that forced displacement operations continue against civilians and that those crime must be added to the long series of crimes that must no longer be condoned and must be presented to the International Criminal Court.  

The Free Engineers Association in the areas out of the loyalist forces control in the city of al-Quneitra, Southern Syria, launched a training course for 120 young people in order to provide job opportunities for them.    

Awad Al Mounif, a manager of one of the projects in the course, stated that the training course that will last for 3 months, included training on several professions, such as detergents industry, iron and blacksmithing industry, and plumbing work. The course was launched in cooperation with the Mariam women's industry.  

The local council of the town of al-Sheikh Ali, Western Aleppo, launched a project to establish a sewage system. The project, which will cost 44,000 US dollars, is supported by the Binaa organization.

Zakaraya Al Saleh, the council's president, said that the project covered 1,100 square meters, as they expanded and restored the sewage system, adding that the project will last for 30 days and will cost $44,000.

International and Political news:

The Israeli Military was in a state of high alert upon identifying “irregular activity” by Iranian forces in Syria, according to Reuters.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, stated that Iran is seeking to deploy advanced weapons to Syria to destroy Israel.