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Turkish convoy enters Idlib and heads for Hama, and Astana 9 talks starts today without the United States

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Translation: نهى سالطي

Local and field news:

On Monday, a Turkish military convoy entered to the Idlib governorate, Northern Syria, to establish a new military supervision point in the Jabal Shahshabo area, Hama, to supervise the execution of the de-escalation agreement.

The convoy consisted of about 100 military vehicles, including personnel carriers, BMB vehicles and fuel and food supply vehicles, in addition to other logistic equipment.

The fifth group of more than 2,000 internally displaced persons from the Northern Homs and Southern Hama countryside left the area, heading for Northern Syria.

The correspondence coordinators of Northern Syria stated that the group consisted of 45 buses carrying about 2135 people.

In Idlib, several players with "war injuries" participated in a local running tournament organized in the city in Northern Syria.

The Deputy Director of the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, Alaa Mirweh, reported that the tournament is the first of its kind in the areas out of the loyalist forces' control in Northern Syria. The tournament was held on a track with "international standards" in the city's local stadium, and was organized for college students and players with "war injuries."

In Southern Syria, the loyalist forces attempt to advance into ISIS-controlled territory continue, after the loyalist forces seized control of several locations of the factions that left the towns of Yalda, Babila, and Beit Sahem, heading for Northern Syria, in accordance to a displacement agreement.

Activists reported that over the past few days, the loyalist forces advanced into ISIS' territory, after seizing control of Free Syrian Army locations, besieging ISIS-controlled areas from all four directions.

In Eastern Ghouta, activists said that the loyalist forces detained dozens of young men in the city of Douma.

Activists from the Syrian Commission for Releasing Detainees, which tends to the detainees' affairs in Syria, stated that the loyalist forces fighters detained about 100 young men, transporting them in three buses to the loyalist al-Dreij military base. The loyalist forces aim to train the detainees, before recruiting them in the loyalist army.

In Eastern Syria, military police checkpoints of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration (
Rojova) detained several young men, during a conscription campaign in the city of Ar-Raqqah.

A source from the Rojova military police reported that more than 20 young men were detained to be conscripted as they passed through the military police checkpoints in the al-Mashlab district, Eastern Ar-Raqqal, the al-Dariyah area and the al-Furusiyah street, Northern Ar-Raqqah.

In Aleppo, the teachers of the Anadan city and the Hayyan town, Northern Aleppo, Northern Syria, renewed their demands for the supporting parties to continue paying them their salaries during the summer vacation.

The teachers from Anadan and Hayyan organized two separate protests, demanding to continue to receive their salaries during summer. The protesters raised banners that read: "Summer salaries, until when??!!," "Do teachers justice for they are the pillars of the educational process" and "Teachers are helpless during the summer. We ask you to continue supporting us."

International and political news:

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan affirmed that a delegation from the United States of America would not participate in the Astana 9 peace talks regarding Syria, which is expected to be held later today, in the participation of Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

In a press conference, the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Spokesman, Anwar Jainakov, said that "The USA delegation refrained from participating in the current round of the Astana talks regarding Syria," without collaborating on the reasons for the refrain.