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Free Syrian Army and Russia resume negotiations in Daraa and discuss forming joint administration for Nassib border crossing

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Vera Halvorsen |
Translation: Nouha Salti

Field and local news:

On Sunday, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Russia resumed their negotiations in the city of Busra al-Sham, 40 kilometers east of Daraa, Southern Syria.

Husam Jebbawi, the spokesman of the opposition’s Central Operations Room for Southern Syria, reported that the second round of negotiations started due to Jordanian efforts.

During the negotiations, the FSA said that it requested Russia to help form a joint administration with the Syrian government for the Nassib border crossing to Jordan.

Jebbawi added that the FSA suggested that the Syrian government forces should not deploy army and police forces to the towns and villages of Daraa, and allow light and medium weapons to FSA fighters so they can defend themselves if the Syrian government forces "betray" the agreement. The FSA also requested that no fighters should be displaced from Daraa.

On Saturday, the death toll in the Daraa governorate reached 75 civilians and fighters.

In a statement obtained by SMART, the Daraa Office for Documenting Martyrs said that it documented the killing of 59 civilians, including 23 children and 11 women, in Eastern Daraa, during Syrian government and Russian shelling.

The Central Operations Room for Southern Syria reported that FSA factions regained control of a city, two towns and six villages in Daraa, while the Syrian government forces still control two cities, two towns and two villages in the region.

Jebbawi explained that on Saturday, the FSA launched an operation to regain control of the city of Tafas, the towns of Sayda and al-Musayfirah and the villages of al-Na'ymah al-Mata'iyah, Ghasm, Um al-Mayaden, al-Sahwah and eastern al-Karak.

On Saturday, unknown forces shelled the village of Dhibin, 30 kilometers south of al-Suwayda, Southern Syria, injuring two officers from the Syrian government forces.

Local sources said that a Syrian government forces' location in the village was targeted with mortar shells, causing damage.

In Northeastern Syria, an explosive device planted in a motorcycle exploded in the city of al-Hasakah, killing and injuring eight fighters from the Sootoro forces of the Syriac Union Party.

Local sources reported that a trapped motorcycle exploded near the Sootoro forces' headquarters in Palestine Street near the al-Ghassaniyah school, killing five fighters and causing major injuries to three others. The fighters were transported to the city's al-Hikmah hospital.

The Kurdish Red Crescent transported the bodies of members of the loyalist forces from the city of Maskanah, 55 kilometers east of Aleppo, to the al-Hasakah governorate in Northeastern Syria.

Also in Northeastern Syria, an armed band stole 60,000 US dollars worth of jewelry from a merchant on the road between the cities of al-Tabqah and al-Raqqa.

In Northern Syria, the FSA factions operating in Northern Hama formed a joint operations room to confront the Syrian government forces during a meeting with revolutionary bodies in the village of Uqayribat, 33 kilometers north of Idlib.

The Syrian government issued a decision that bans the confiscation of civilian vehicles for military purposes at loyalist checkpoints in the city of Hama, Central Syria.

Local sources said that the Joint Security and Military Committee of the Syrian government issued a decision to loyalist forces in the area, banning them from confiscating small, medium and large vehicles, agricultural tractors, and civilian cars.

International and political news:

The International Union of Muslim Scholars condemned the military campaign launched by the Syrian government forces and their allies in the Daraa governorate, saying that the campaign may lead to war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Union called on the international community to intervene and end the campaign.

The High Negotiations Committee, which was formed in the al-Riyadh 2 talks, said that they will have no solution that involves Russia and Iran in Syria.

The Committee added on social media that the "malicious and criminal" deeds of Russia and Iran should make it clear to United States and other members of the United Nations Security Council that they can have no future in Syria. The Committee called on the international community to condemn Russia and Iran’s "monstrous" breach of the de-escalation agreement in Southern Syria when bombing the Daraa governorate.