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Buses transporting forcibly displaced people from Southern Syria enter Idlib; Separate airstrikes kill and injure civilians in Daraa and Deir ez-Zor

Editing: Mohammad Alhaj |
TranslationEditor: Vera Halvorsen |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith

Local and field updates:

On Sunday, 47 buses transporting 2,592 forcibly displaced people (FDP) from the Daraa and Quneitra governorates, Southern Syria, entered Idlib in Northern Syria through the crossing of the city of Mourek in Hama. Ambulances transporting patients entered before the buses. Pro-Iran militias intercepted the buses at the southern entrance of the city of Homs in Central Syria.

Russian troops raised the Russian flag over the hospital of the town of Tal Shihab in Daraa until residents reconcile with the Syrian government forces.   

Suspected Syrian government airstrikes killed five civilians in the towns of Taseel and al-Shajara, which are controlled by the Khalid Ibn al-Walid Army affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) in Daraa.

IS said in a statement that their fighters seized the villages of Sayyida (al-Golan), al-Hanout, Ain Qadi, Umm al-Louqous, and al-Hayran in Quneitra after the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army withdrew from the villages. IS added that their fighters seized weapons and ammunition in the villages.

Civil society groups in as-Suwayda, Southern Syria, said that Syrian government security services supervise the looting of civilian properties in Daraa and as-Suwayda, and the public selling of the properties.

Activists reported that suspected International Coalition warplanes bombed civilians who were leaving the town of al-Sousa in the al-Bukamal area in Deir ez-Zor, Eastern Syria. Initial reports indicated the killing and injuring of some of the civilians.

The Syrian Democratic Forces sent military reinforcements to outposts north of Deir ez- Zor after unknown gunmen attacked the area. International Coalition warplanes bombed IS outposts in Deir ez-Zor, killing IS fighters.

The Syrian government forces prevented funeral ceremonies of prisoners tortured to death in the Syrian government’s prisons. The Syrian government forces raided five funeral tents, calling upon the victims’ families to close the tents or face arrests.

Activists in the city of al-Lataminah in Hama, Central Syria, documented the killing of 96 civilians and injuring of 94 others from the start of the de-escalation agreement in May 2017 until June 2018. The civilians were killed and injured in 451 Russian airstrikes and 170 Syrian government forces’ airstrikes. The activists added that Syrian government helicopters dropped 66 barrel bombs, and Syrian government artillery forces shelled the town using 12,000 missiles.