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Organization belonging to al-Qaeda targets Russian supervision point with artillery shells in Eastern Idlib; Syrian government forces postpone opening Abu al-Duhur passage

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Publication date: 2018/09/24 17:03


Local and field news:

Local Activists told SMART that the Guardians of Religion Organization of the al-Qaeda targeted a Russian supervision point near the Abu al-Dhuhur town, Eastern Idlib, Northern Syria, with heavy artillery, after two days of the organization’s announcement of refusal to the Turkish-Russian agreement.

The activists added that the Guardians of Religion Organization targeted the Russian supervision point in the al-Baraghithi village, north of Abu al-Dhuhur, with three 130 millimeters artillery shell, without any information about casualties.

The Syrian government forces announced postponing the opening of the Abu al-Dhuhur passage in the Idlib countryside, Northern Syria, due to bombings by factions operating in the area.

The Russian Sputnik News Agency reported what it called, a Syrian military source, saying that the Syrian government forces postponed the opening until an unknown time, after hours from an artillery shelling that targeted the passage.

The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the National Liberation Front (NLF) reached an agreement of an immediate de-escalation after HTS members killed two NLF fighters. 

On Sunday, shootings by unknown persons killed two NLF fighters at an NLF checkpoint near the al- Habit town. Later, the unknown persons turned to be HTS members, according to local activists.

In Central Syria, the HTS released the head of the local council of the Mourik city, Northern Hama, and member of the Hama governorate council, after detaining him for 20 days.

A source close to the head of the local council, Ziyad al-Naddaf, told SMART that the HTS released him with the effort of intermediaries, and told the council to come and receive him near the Ram Balioun village. The source added that the main reason for his arrest was his refusal to suspend the work of the Mourik local council, which belongs to the Interim Syrian Government.

The Syrian government Shabiha militias search travelers from the Homs governorate, Central Syria, to the nearby Hama governorate thoroughly.

 On Monday, a local source told SMART that male and female Shabiha members search all passengers and check their identification cards precisely at the bus station in Homs, before allowing them to head for Hama. The reasons for this search are still unknown.

In Eastern Syria, an Islamic State (IS) attack killed and injured several of Syrian government forces and their allied militias members near the al-Sbaykhan city (70 kilometers east of Deir al-Zor), Eastern Syria.

Local sources told SMART that IS members attacked a compound of the Syrian government forces and their allied Lebanese Hezbollah militia with a car bomb, killing and injuring several, and destroying several heavy vehicles.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) shot at a demonstration in the Swaydan village near the Deir al-Zor city, Eastern Syria, killing and injuring five civilians.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) shot at a demonstration in the Swaydan village near the Deir al-Zor city, Eastern Syria, killing and injuring five civilians.

A local source told SMART that SDF members shot the demonstrators that condemned the SDF’s demolition of several shops and the “arch” at the village’s entrance, killing a child and injuring four civilians.

In al-Hasakah, the suffering of patients with chronic diseases in the al-Hol camp (70 kilometers south of al-Hasakah city), Northeastern Syria, is increasing due to the lack of medical care.

On Monday, an official of the Kurdish Red Crescent in the camp, Dr. Hasan Omar, stated to SMART that chronic diseases that spread among the displaced people in the camp include heart, nerve, abdomen, bone, breathing and gland diseases.

In al-Raqqa, 140 tankers carrying oil crossed from SDF areas in the al-Raqqa governorate, Northeastern Syria, heading for the Homs governorate, Central Syria, which is under the Syrian government forces control.

One of the tanker drivers told SMART that each tanker carries around 180 barrels of oil, the price of each ranges between 11,000 Syrian pounds and 14,000 SYP, according to the oil quality.

In Southern Syria, the Syrian government forces are pressuring the civilians that returned to their homes in the Htaytet al-Turkman town and the Harasta city, which recently fell under the Syrian government control in Eastern Ghouta.

On Monday, a local source told SMART that the Syrian government forces centralizing near the town’s entrance at the Fifth Checkpoint near the Fifth Bridge on the Damascus Airport Highway issued a decision preventing those who do not carry an “arrival document,” which was issued specially for the town’s residents, from entering the town.

International and political developments:

Russia announced its intention to give the Syrian government forces an S-300 air defense system in two weeks, after Russia accused Israel of destroying an IL-20 airplane in Lattakia last week, killing 15 Russian soldiers.

In his speech on Monday, the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergey Shoygu, said that by orders from President Vladimir Putin, Russia had to take three critical measures to protect its soldiers in Syria, after the destruction of the Russian plane.