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Gunman from Euphrates Shield factions kills his sister under pretext of honor, and killing happened in Hama, not Jarabulus

Editing: Mohammad Alhaj |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Maan Salti
Publication date: 2018/10/24 17:41

Hama - SMART

On Tuesday, two security sources told SMART that the crime against a girl by her brother, which happened days earlier and is known locally as an Honor Killing, took place in the Hama governorate, not in the city of Jarabulus, Aleppo, as it was thought. One of the sources confirmed that the killer belonged to the factions of the Euphrates Shield Operation.

Activists, Legal figures and civilians participated in a campaign of rage on social media, after a video that shows a man killing his alleged sister was released. The video showed a man shooting a girl using intense gunshots, as the photographer encouraged the killer, saying, "Wash your shame."

A security source from the village of Qastoun, Western Hama, where the woman and her brother were born, said that the murder took place at the home of their father, Saeed Basis in the village, as Basharr Bsis, the brother, brutally shot his sister Rasha in front of several of their cousins last Saturday.

The source, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that the killer is wanted by the security force in the area of Zayzoun, which Qastoun lies within the administrative border of, for the murder of his sister. The killer was seen moving between Qstoun and camps for displaced people in Northern Idlib.

Regarding the killer's motives, the source added, "A Facebook page called the Jarubulus Nightmare published photos of Rasha Bsis (…) the photos were considered scandalous, but they were not enough for killing her in such a brutal manner."

SMART has not yet managed to validate the stories circulated about the deceased and the photos of her published on social media.

The source confirmed that the killer and his relatives who witnessed the killing belong to the factions of the Euphrates Shield Operation, not specifying which faction, and adding that the victim was married and living in the al-Malaab Camp in Jarabulus.

The Free Police Commander of Jarabulus, Mohammad al-Abdullah, gave SMART similar information, confirming that the killing took place in Qastoun village after the killer lured his sister there and the investigations are ongoing to reveal the faction that the killer belonged to.

Al-Abdullah pointed out that the killer's picture was distributed to all the checkpoints of the Euphrates Shield and the Olive Branch Operations factions in Aleppo.

In the last two days, the hashtag "Dishonor-Killing" spread across social media in condemnation of killing the woman, as activists and legal figures changed their profile pictures to a symbolic picture of Rasha with the hashtag under it.

Regarding the role of the judicial system, Attorney Abdul Naser Hoshan told SMART that the Public Prosecution and the security force of Jarabulus are handling the case and the Public Prosecutor must issue arrest warrants against the killer and the instigators.

Hoshan said, "Attorneys do not have jurisdiction to move the case forward because it is the Public Prosecution job after the investigations. Hoshan added, "If the killer's story checked out, he will be given a reduced judicial penalty, but not exempted from punishment, which varies according to the Syrian Laws.

Amnesty International said that honor killings spread across South Asia and other areas of the world, making it difficult to specify the number of victims killed in defense of the family honor, although the number reaches thousands of women around the world.

Amnesty International says that confronting this occurrence is considered a great challenge and that positive change must come from within each family.  Issuing reduced sentences against honor killers is a step backward in protecting women, according to the organization.

Over the last month, two honor killing incidents happened in Syria, as a man killed his sister in the town of Tall Tamr, al-Hasakah, and another killed his daughter in al-Suwayda.