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Rainstorm hits Syria; Unknown persons kill official of Republican Guards' chemical weapon warehouses

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Maan Salti

Field and Local news:

on Thursday, the officer in charge of the chemical weapons warehouses at the 105th Brigade of the Syrian government forces' Republican Guards was killed amidst conflicting news regarding the killer.

Activists, opposition media, and other Arabic media outlets said that Colonel Mahmoud Ashqar and his wife Rabbihah Osayfouri were killed the night before from a shooting that targeted their car near the Northern entrance of Damascus. The shooting came from the Pioneers Camp, which the Syrian government's Military Security Directorate uses as a headquarters.

A rainstorm, which hit areas in Northern Syria, destroyed several camps and uprooted the tents in several others in the Idlib countryside, while it did not cause significant damage in the Aleppo countryside. The destruction rate varied according to the camps' nature and location, in addition to the quantity of rain.

The rainstorm accompanied by strong wind damaged property in the Tartus and Lattakia governorates, Western Syria, and in the Hama governorate, Central Syria.

A local source from the Lattakia governorate told SMART that the storm damaged crops, destroyed greenhouses and uprooted several trees and electricity pillars. The damages were estimated at millions of Syrian pounds.

In Northeastern Syria, dozens of displaced families from Islamic State (IS)-controlled areas in Eastern Deir al-Zor arrived at villages and towns in the al-Raqqa governorate.

On Thursday, a local source told SMART that about 80 displaced families arrived at the al-Hoss area near al-Raqqa, amidst tight security measures by the General Security Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Also in Northeastern Syria, 310 displaced people from the al-Sad Camp, Southern al-Hasakah, headed for the Deir al-Zor governorate.

A member of the public relations committee for the al-Sad Camp, Zahir Gharbi, told SMART that 310 displaced people left the camp two days earlier and headed for their towns and villages in Deir al-Zor after the SDF gained control of the villages and towns from the IS.

A mortar shell left behind by the IS in a village north to the city of al-Raqqa exploded, killing three children.

In a statement published earlier today, the Asayish forces of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration said that the children were between 11 and 16 years old, and were killed a day earlier while playing with an unexploded mortar shells; the children died before reaching the village hospital.

Also on Thursday, residents of the north side of the city of al-Raqqa found the dead body of a young man killed with a gunshot, with marks of torture.

A relative of the killed young man " Mansour Shobayl"told SMART that the residents of the area found his on the road to the village of al-Qaltah and informed the Internal Security Forces of the Kurdish Autonomous Administration. Shobayli was killed by gunshots in the chest and abdomen.

In the city of al-Qamishli near al-Hasakah, Northeastern Syria, the Asyaish forces released a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDPS), after they detained him in the city earlier.

A source close to the detainee told SMART that the Asayish released the KDPS member Shoresh Murad after detaining him from his house in the al-Qamishli's al-Hilaliyah neighborhood for an unknown charge three months earlier.

In Northern Syria, the local council of the town of Darkoush (23 kilometers west of Idlib) announced opening the public market (the Bazar) as of Friday, after the market was closed due to the Russian airstrikes and the Syrian government forces' bombings.

The local council's president Burhan al-Kaadah told SMART that the market used to open on Fridays and has been closed for years, as the Syrian government forces bombings and the Russian airstrikes targeted the civilians who used to protest after the Friday prayers.