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Civilians demonstrate against HTS in Kafr Nubl city; Israel denies destruction of Israeli warplane in Syria

Editing: أيهم ناصيف |
TranslationEditor: فرح ناصيف |
Translation: نهى سالطي
تاريخ النشر: 2018/11/30 19:04

Field and local news:

In Northern Syria, dozens of civilians demonstrated against the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham opposition faction (HTS) in the city of Kafr Nubl, 36 kilometers south of Idlib, Northern Syria, crying for activists Raed al-Faris and Hammoud Juneid, who was assassinated in the city a week earlier.

Dozens of people displaced from Northern Homs and now residing in the village of al-Fo'a, Idlib, demonstrated against a decision forcing them out of their homes in al-Fo'a.

Also in Idlib, the military council of the village of Maarrat Harmah announced a curfew in the village while chasing several people accused of corruption.

More than 60 percent of the residents of the town of Jarjanaz fled the town fearing another Syrian government forces' shelling on the area.

In Aleppo, dozens of civilians and militants demonstrated in the town of Hayan to confirm their decision of staying in the town and not leaving it for any reason.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced killing two members of the Sultan Murad Division of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Afrin area.

In Central Syria, a Turkish military convoy of several vehicles and personnel carriers arrived at the Turkish supervision outposts in the city of Murik and the village of Shir Maghar in Northern Hama.

The Syrian government sent memos for around one thousand young men from Northern Hama, summoning them to join the reserve and regular military service in the Syrian government forces.

The displaced people in the Rukban Camp near the Syrian-Jordanian border, 240 kilometers southeast of Homs, complained about the high prices of fuel in winter.

In Eastern Syria, the residents of the city of al-Mayadin, 46 kilometers south of Deir al-Zor, complained about the lack and high cost of medical services and the fees imposed by the Syrian government forces' checkpoints on the people wanting to reach Deir al-Zor city.

International and political news:

The Israeli Army denied that the Syrian air defenses destroyed an Israeli warplane in Syria.

The Israeli Army statement coincided with suspected Israeli missile shelling on Syrian government forces' locations hosting Iranian-backed militias in the Tall Mani area near the town of al-Kaswah, Southern Damascus, and the Brigade 90 area in Quneitra, Southern Syria.

The United States of America said that the Astana Talks sponsored by Russia, Turkey, and Iran produces a "stalemate" for the institutional committee formation in Syria.

Yahiyah al-Aridi, the spokesman for the negotiation delegation formed in the Riyadh II conference, said that Russia and Iran aim to "undermine the detainees' issue" in the Astana Talks because it is the biggest issue against the Syrian government.

Legal activist and Lebanese attorney Nabil al-Halabi said that the Lebanese Army's arrest campaigns against Syrian refugees in Lebanon "are politicized and systematic."

Al-Halabi, head of the Lebanese Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (LIFE), which takes care of the Syrian refugees' affairs in Lebanon, reported on Friday that the Lebanese security services work for the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. Al-Halabi said that the Lebanese security services launch arrest campaigns to "pressure the Syrian refugees to return to the areas of Western Homs, al-Qusayr, and al-Qalamun, and reconcile with the Iranian influence there."