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Floods overwhelm camps in Northern Syria; FSA says that Russia's demands that Syrian government forces enter areas Eastern Euphrates river is “unjust”

Editing: Amena Riyad |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith

Local and field updates:

On Wednesday, floods overwhelmed forcibly displaced people (FDP) camps in the Idlib governorate, Northern Syria.  The Civil Defense raised the alert to rescue and help the FDP.

Raed al-Saleh, the manager of the Syrian Civil Defense, said that they raised the alert in Northern and Central Syria,  and sent 30 teams along with 60 types of machinery to the camps of Atmeh, Qah, and Aqrabat. Al-Saleh noted that the teams are still working to settle the problems.  

The Free Hama Governorate Council, Central Syria, sent out an “urgent” distress call to rescue the FDP damaged due to floods following rainfalls in camps in the adjacent Idlib governorate.

On Thursday, the council published a statement saying, "We appeal all organizations and sides to head at once to the camps that are surrounded by rainwater and help discharge the water and open roads.”

On Wednesday, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) stated that the Russia’s demands that the Syrian government forces enter areas in Eastern Euphrates river is “unjust” and caused a new  mass wave of displacement.

Major Yousef Hamoud, the spokesperson for the FSA’ National Army affiliated with the Syrian Interim Government, delivered the statement on the background of Russian demands that the Syrian government forces enter the areas from which the United States (US)  forces will withdraw.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Democratic Forces sent military reinforcements to the city of Manbij in Eastern Aleppo, Northern Syria, in preparation for the normal Turkish military operation in the area.

On Wednesday, a bomb explosion injured a civilian in Manbij.

An eyewitness reported that unknown bomber planted a bomb that exploded in the car of Dr. Fateh al-Mashhad, burning him in the feet. The eyewitness added that the injured was transported to a hospital and his medical status is stable.

On Wednesday, the Initial Response Team (IRT) of the al-Raqqa Civil Council removed 14 bodies from a mass grave in the al-Banourama neighborhood in the city of al-Raqqa, Northeastern Syria.

A source from the IRT forensic team reported that among the bodies were the bodies of two children and a senior woman. The source added that the team identified the body of a 30-year-old young man and handed it to his family. The source noted that the team buried the rest of the bodies in the Tal-al-Bay’ an (al-Shohadaa) cemetery in Northeastern al-Raqqa,  

An Islamic State (IS) landmine explosion killed a young man in Western al-Raqqa.

A relative of the victim reported that the landmine exploded against the young man as he shepherded the sheep in the village of ‘Ajaj, killing him instantly.  

On Wednesday, the internal security forces of the al-Raqqa Civil Council banned the usage of motorcycles in al-Raqqa and its villages and towns.

Political and international updates:

On Thursday, the Turkish Army sent new military reinforcements to the Syrian border, amidst Turkish Turkish threats of launching a military operation against the People’s Protection Units in areas east of the Euphrates river.

On Wednesday, Turkey said that a political and military delegation would visit the US on Saturday to discuss the recent updates in Syria and the case of fighting terrorism following the US forces withdrawal from Northeastern Syria.

US President Donald Trump said that Washington could launch attacks in Syria from Iraq.  

Trump delivered his statements in a sudden visit with his wife to the Ayn al-Assad airbase in the al-Anbar Iraqi governorate, according to the Iraqi formal news agency.

A Belgian judge judged the return of six children of IS members and their two mothers from areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration in Northeastern Syria to Belgium.

On Wednesday, the Belga news agency reported that a Belgian judge ordered the Belgian government to return the six children and their mothers, who are Belgian citizens Tatyana Felandit and Bushra Abu ‘Alal, from the al-Houl camp in Northern al-Hasakah, to Belgium within a specific period.