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Demonstrators in Northern Syria condemn ceasefire agreement in Idlib while international community welcomes it

Editing: Ayham Nasif |
Translation: Nouha Salti

Local and field news:

On Friday, hundreds of civilians demonstrated against the Syrian government and its allies in the cities of Idlib, Harem, Kafr Takharim, and the Atmah crossing on the Syrian-Turkish border. The demonstrators also condemned the ceasefire agreement announced by Russia and Turkey.

Hundreds of people also demonstrated in the city of al-Bab and the town of Akhtarin, 38 kilometers north of Aleppo, to condemn the Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement in Syria. The demonstrators called on the Free Syrian Army and the Turkish Army to regain control of all areas recently controlled by the Syrian government forces.

The Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) said that it will soon announce its “attitude” toward the ceasefire in Idlib agreed upon by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Jaysh al-Islam members brutally tortured an elderly man, who is displaced from Eastern Ghouta, after detaining him for hours in the city of al-Bab, eastern Aleppo.

Dozens of people demonstrated in the city of Daraa, Southern Syria, demanding the release of detainees in Syrian government forces' prisons.

Unknown persons attacked a Syrian government forces checkpoint in the town of Zakyah, 29 kilometers south of Damascus, Southern Syria.

A car bomb killed an SNA fighter and injured a Turkish soldier north of the city of al-Raqqa, Northeastern Syria.

On Thursday, unknown persons shot dead a civilian after breaking into the hospital, in which he was receiving treatment due to a previous shooting incident in a Syrian Democratic Forces-controlled village, east of Deir al-Zor.

International and political news:

The United States and the European Union welcomed the ceasefire agreement in the Idlib governorate, Northern Syria, agreed upon by Erdogan and Putin.

On Friday, the US State Department stated that the USA supports the ceasefire, hoping it will eliminate danger in Idlib and ease the humanitarian crisis due to attacks by the Syrian government, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah, according to Anadolu.

The Netherlands Foreign Minister, Stef Blok, called for a no-fly zone over Idlib, Northern Syria, saying, “I still think it would be very wise to add a no-flight zone to the ceasefire, it might be the first step.”

On Friday, the Turkish Defense Ministry announced neutralizing 21 Syrian government forces members after the killing of two Turkish soldiers and the injuries of others in Idlib earlier.