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Government and Russian bombing kills photojournalist Obeida Abu Omar in Eastern Ghouta

Editing: Mohammad Alhaj |
TranslationEditor: Vera Halvorsen |
Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2018/03/21 13:32

Rif Dimashq governorate - SMART

On Wednesday, the Syrian government and Russian bombing killed the photojournalist Obeida Abu Omar in the town of Ain Tarma in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus.

A rocket hit the house of the photographer Obeida Abu Omar in the town of Ain Tarma, killing him and injuring other civilians, including his brother and the SMART correspondent in Eastern Ghouta.

Civilians close to Abu Omar buried his body in a nearby cemetery.

For several years, Abu Omar has worked as a collaborator journalist with SMART and a number of other news agencies. He photographed massacres committed by the loyalist forces and Russia in several cities and towns of Eastern Ghouta. He also documented several stages of the revolutionary movement and the suffering of trapped people in Ghouta.

A few days ago, Obeida Abu Omar's colleague Ahmad Hamdan was killed in a similar bombing in Ghouta, prompting Abu Omar to write the following on his Facebook account: "One of the most beautiful roses of Ghouta, (...) a man with a beautiful smile and high morals, Ahmed Hamdan is in the hands of God now."

Dozens of photojournalists contribute to shed light on the suffering of the people of Ghouta as they document the recent military escalation by the Syrian government. International media publish their photos, and television channels broadcast their videos showing the massacres and destruction in Ghouta's cities and towns.