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Local councils in Northern Aleppo prepare to receive internally displaced persons from Ghouta

TranslationEditor: Freda Hocaine |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2018/03/27 12:57

Aleppo, SMART

On Tuesday, local councils in cities and towns north of Aleppo in Northern Syria, said that they are ready to receive Internally Sisplaced Persons (IDPs) from Eastern Ghouta. The councils began to prepare residential apartments to shelter the IDPs.

The Head of the Media Office of the free Aleppo governorate council, Abu Thaer al-Halabi, told SMART that they are to preparing to shelter IDPs in coordination with the local councils of the city of Anadan, the towns of Hayan and Haritan, and the villages of Kafr Hamra and Maaret al-Artik. Abu Thaer added that they are also to cooperate with the local council of Harasta and the Rif Dimashq governorate council.

Abu Thaer noted that there are 550 apartments in Kafr Halab town. The apartments need doors, windows, and sewage networks, while there are 200 houses in Hayan. Abu Thaer said that there are many houses in Haritan, Anadan, and surrounding areas, which first need to be prepared.

Abu Thaer pointed out that they are communicating with humanitarian aid organizations in preparing houses and apartments to accommodate the IDPs. Abu Thaer noted that the two groups of Sa’ed (Help)  and Binaa (Constructing) promised to rehabilitate the houses and apartments, while the IHH Turkish relief charity will provide water tanks and sewage networks.

Earlier on Tuesday, 105 buses transporting 6,786 IDPs from Ghouta arrived at the crossing of Qal’at al-Madiq city (42 kilometers northwest of Hama) in Central Syria.

On Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that 13,000 civilians and fighters of the al-Rahman Legion of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) left Eastern Ghouta for Northern Syria.

On Friday, the al-Rahman Legion reached an agreement with Syrian government forces, after a two-month government military operation in the area.