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Dozens protest against reconciliation with Russia and government forces in Northern Homs

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Samra Bulbol
Publication date: 2018/04/06 13:20


Homs - SMART

Dozens protested in the village of Izz al-Deen, 20 kilometers north of Homs, Central Syria. The protesters refused any reconciliation or individual agreements with the Syrian government and Russia.

The protesters called upon the rest of the villages and towns to unify their position. They raised signs refusing the bargains of the victim's’ blood and affirming that Homs is the capital of the Syrian revolution.

Last Sunday, the spokesperson of the negotiation committee of the cities and towns of Northern Homs and Southern Hama said that "the government is collaborating with figures in its controlled areas, seeking individual agreements.This collaboration coincided with launching a campaign of propaganda and reversed facts".

Military and civil authorities issued several statements during March. The authorities refused the individual agreements and supported the negotiation committee. The bodies included Jaysh Homs, revolutionary forces of Northern Homs and Southern Hama, the Displaced Persons Association of Northern Homs and the Supreme Council of Central Syrian Turkmens.