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U.S. begins missile strikes in Syria

Editing: Mohammad Alhaj |
Translation: Farah Nassif
Publication date: 2018/04/14 01:52


The U.S. President Donald Trump announced the start of a military strike against the Syrian regime.

Reuters news agency quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the U.S. airstrike targeted the Barza area where the Institute of Scientific Research is located.

Syrian media reported that the US-British-French joint strike targeted the Institute of Scientific Research, al-Mezzeh Airport and the Brigade of 41 special forces. The news agency said that the headquarters of the 4th Division, the Republican Guard and the Scientific Center in Damascus were all hit as well.

In a televised speech on Syria, the U.S. president announced the start of a military operation against the Syrian regime, as a result of Russia's failure in stopping the Syrian regime's chemical attacks.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the strikes were aimed at halting the regime's use of chemical weapons. He said."we do not accept the use of chemical weapons in Syria." 

British Prime Minister Teresa May also said she authorized the armed forces to coordinate a strike to reduce the Syrian regime's capacity to carry out such heinous attacks.

This comes after ongoing Western threats to strike the Syrian regime for its use of chemical weapons in the city of Duma, which killed dozens of civilians and wounded hundreds.