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Palestinian-Syrian photographer is killed under torture in Syrian government prisons

Editing: Mohammad Alhaj |
TranslationEditor: Freda Hocaine |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2018/07/16 13:24

France, SMART

On Monday, activists mourned the death of the Palestinian-Syrian photographer Niraz Sa’ed, who was killed under torture in Syrian government prisons. The Syrian government forces arrested Sa’ed in late 2015.

Sa’ed’s wife residing in Germany posted on her Facebook page saying, "They killed my beloved husband Niraz(...) Niraz was martyred in Syrian government prisons, I cannot say more than this.”

Activists reported that the Syrian government forces arrested Niraz in October 2015 from a relief organization's office in Damascus after he documented daily life in the al-Yarmouk camp, Southern Damascus, at the time of siege.

The activists added that a photograph taken by Sa'ed of the children in the al-Yarmouk camp entitled, “The Three Kings,” won the prize for the best photo in the United Nations (UNRWA) in 2014. A fair consisting of Miraz's photos was held in the West Bank in Palestine. The fair highlighted the siege and starvation of civilians in the camp.

Niraz Sa’ed participated in the “Messages from al-Yarmouk” film as a director assistant. The film won different international prizes.

Days ago, the Working for Syrian Palestinians Group said that their reporting team documented the killing of 518 Palestinians under torture in Syrian government’ prisons.

Earlier, the Working for Syrian Palestinians Group documented the killing of 3,686 Palestinians since 2011, including 465 women, including 206 in al-Yarmouk camp due to 1,716 days of siege imposed by the Syrian government forces and Palestinian loyalist militias.

Days ago, the Syrian Human Rights Network published a report saying that families were “shocked” when carrying out searches in the civil registry directorate and discovering about that their sons or relatives had been killed.