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Free Syrian Army and Russia reach agreement in city of al-Sanamen and towns of Ghabagheb and Mahja, Daraa

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Samra Bulbol
Publication date: 2018/07/18 15:45
Update date: 2018/07/18 15:49

Daraa - SMART

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Russia decided on separate agreements in the city of al-Sanamen and the towns of Ghabagheb and Mahja, Northern Daraa, Southern Syria.

A military source reported that the agreement is similar to the one in the Daraa al-Balad neighborhoods, but Russia and the Syrian government forces required the FSA to hand over its weapons. The source added that the agreements in the city of al-Sanamen (52 kilometers north of Daraa), Ghabagheb and Mahja are similar in content.  

The source also said that the implementation of this agreement starts tomorrow, pointing out that the FSA factions that will control the al-Sanamen neighborhoods with only keep 75 guns.  

The source continued that the Head of General Intelligence of the Syrian government, Muhammad Maalla, participated in the negotiations. Maalla gave guarantees in addition to the Russian guarantees.

The Syrian Government forces demanded the FSA to hand over all of its weapons, including 1,400 light weapons. The FSA refused the Syrian Government demands and called for a negotiation session with Russia, similar to the rest of the cities.

On July 6, the FSA factions reached a final agreement with Russia. The agreement includes Daraa, except the Northwestern outskirts. It requires a cease-fire, the FSA to hand over the heavy weapons and evacuating the people who refuse to reconcile to Northern Syria.