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Syrian Liberation Front: "We don't mind that people of Kufriya and al-Fo'a return to their homes after the overthrow of Syrian government"

Editing: Obaida Al Nabwani |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2018/07/20 11:23

Idlib - SMART


On Friday, the commander of the Syrian Liberation Front, Hassan Sufan, said that they don't mind that the people of the towns of Kufriya and al-Fo'a return to their homes after the overthrow of the Syrian government. Sufan noted that the Syrian government is responsible for the residence displacement as part of its systematic policy in all Syrian regions.


Sufan made the statement when commenting on the agreement of Kufriya and al-Fo'a. The agreement included the evacuation of all the residents and members in exchange for the release of 1500 detainees in the Syrian government's prisons. This agreement faced objections and demonstrations because it allows the release of persons detained for a few months and keeping those who were arrested for years.


Sufan stated that this agreement comes as a continuation of the negotiations with Iran during the siege of the Zabadani and Madaya in Rif Dimashq where the negotiators had three options. The first was to accept the Syrian government's requirement to choose the names of the detainees; the second was to start military action on the two towns with consequent retaliatory campaigns to be launched by the Syrian government on the countryside of Idlib. The third was to obstruct the negotiations and postpone them for months, and no one knows what will happen during this period.


Sufan said that the Syrian government and Iran are responsible for the displacement of the people from the towns of Kufriya . They insist on displacing Syrians in all regions. He added that the Syrian government and Iran were the ones who asked for evacuating the people.


Sufan called for attention to the military side in Northern Syria and to find a participatory government that would be an alternative to the Salvation Government. He also called on Turkey to protect the region politically and diplomatically, and to reach a unified political attitude and representation that "follows the revolution principles and does not bargain on them."


On Wednesday morning, about 120 buses entered Kufriya and al-Fo'a to evacuate the people and fighters as part of an agreement between the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Iran. The HTS has already concluded agreements with the Syrian government on the two towns. The last agreement included the evacuation of a number of the towns' residents in return for the evacuation of HTS members from the Yarmouk camp in Damascus towards Idlib.