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Islamic State reports death of woman abducted from al-Suwayda

Editing: Mohammad Alhaj |
TranslationEditor: Vera Halvorsen |
Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2018/08/09 10:32
Update date: 2018/08/09 10:36


Al-Suwayda – SMART


On Thursday, the Islamic State (IS) announced that a woman the group had kidnapped from al-Suwayda, Southern Syria, had died, due to her poor health.

Activists and local news networks on Facebook said that the IS sent a photo of the dead woman, Zahia al-Jabai, and told a member of her family from the village of Shibiki in al-Suwayda that she died "as a result of poor health."  

The activists uploaded two photos on Facebook, which show the woman after the IS kidnapped her on July 25 and one that was sent this morning.

SMART is trying to verify the information from a source close to al-Jabai. Najib Abu Fakhr, a lawyer who is involved in the negotiations with IS, confirmed her death. Abu Fakhr said, "The IS said that the woman died of heart disease and diabetes, and she could not stand the conditions."

Abu Fakhr added, "The IS informed the negotiating group and the family of the woman about her death."

Last Sunday, the IS published a video showing the first execution of the only man accompanying the kidnapped women from al-Suwayda. The man was kidnapped during the "surprise" IS attack on the governorate. The attack killed and wounded hundreds of people, most of them civilians.

Activists noted that after the death of Zahia al-Jabai, the number of abductees is now 27 women and children, including an elderly woman and a pregnant woman.