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Ninety percent of residents flee Southern Idlib due to Syrian government and Russian bombings

Editing: Raed Borhan |
TranslationEditor: Freda Hocaine |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith

Idlib, SMART

Ninety percent of residents fled the villages and towns south of Idlib, Northern Syria during the last week due to the Syrian government forces and Russia's bombings on the area.

On Friday, Muhammad al-Shami, the manager of the Response Coordination Team in Northern Syria, specialized in following up on forcibly displaced people’s (FDP) affairs, reported that residents fled the towns and villages of al-Tuh, Umm al-Khalakheel, Umm Jalal, al-Rafa, al-Farja, Tal Dam, al-Burisa, Tal Khazna, Umm Tena, Sahal, and the farmlands of tl-Tamani’a. Al-Shami noted that there were some villages that were fully evacuated.

Al-Shami noted that most of the FDP settled in the city of Maarrat al-Nu’man and the eastern villages because these villages were close to FDP areas; however, other FDP settled in camps in the perimeter of the FDP villages, or headed to camps near the Turkish border.

Muhammad Bal’as, the head of the local council of the village of I’jaz, south of Idlib, reported that rumors that the Syrian government's media outlets were promoting a potential military campaign in the area, cast a difficult psychological state among civilians, and halted economic movements and projects.  

Bal’as noted that the  evacuation came a short period after residents returned to their villages and towns to reap pistachio crops, which the area is famous for. Residents of the area have lived in a relatively calm situation recently.

Bal’as added that the most prominent difficulties that they face are the lack of tents to shelter the FDP and the poor capabilities of local councils in providing services for the FDP amidst huge waves of evacuation; the thing that has forced some families to stay outside.

FDP in Southern Idlib demanded that Turkish troops stationed at the monitoring outpost in the village of al-Saraman protect  the FDP villages from bombings in order for the FDP be able to return.

Recent Russian and Syrian government forces’ bombings on villages and towns of Idlib killed and injured dozens of civilians and destroyed residential buildings and the infrastructure amidst Syrian government forces’ threats to storm the governorate.