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Lack of baby formula causes dozens of malnutrition cases in al-Karamah camps, Idlib

Editing: Obaida Al Nabwani |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Publication date: 2018/09/18 19:21

 Idlib -SMART

Dozens of malnutrition cases recorded in the camps of al-Karamah compound near Qah town (40 kilometers north of Idlib city), Northern Syria, due to that the residents have been deprived of baby formula for two years.

The manager of the compound’s People of Aleppo camp, Muhammad Abdo Qaddour, told SMART that the relief and humanitarian organizations have stopped providing the camps with baby formula for about two and a half years, which caused malnutrition to around 200 children.

Qaddour added that the al-Karamah compound consists of about 60 camps including more than 2500 children, pointing out that the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Commission (IHH) used to distribute baby formula to the camps, but stopped, causing a lack of this substance, which could be found only in stores.

The camp manager pointed out that the residents’ declined living condition and the lack of job opportunities prevent them from buying baby formula on their own expense, as the price of one formula can, which is enough for almost three days, ranges between 2500 and 3000 Syrian pounds.

Qaddour said that certain people bought specific quantities of formula at their own expense and distributed them to the families in need, but the quantity is insufficient. Qaddour added that several mothers feed their babies water and sugar instead of baby formula, putting the babies in danger.

The displaced people from Hama and other areas living in the camps near the Turkish border complain about the shortage, or lack of aid, while continuously appealing to the humanitarian and relief organizations, as diseases spread due to pollution and weak health care.