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Negotiation Committee meets with Syria government delegation in Daraa to discuss detainees file

Editing: Obaida Al Nabwani |
Translation: Nouha Salti
Publication date: 2018/09/22 18:27

Daraa - SMART

The Negotiation Committee of the city of Daraa, Southern Syria, met representatives from the Syrian government after people invited for demonstrations demanding to release detainees and to stop detaining more people at the Syrian government checkpoints.  

Local sources reported that the Syrian government sent Kinana Houeijah, a pro-Syrian government television presenter, to meet the negotiation delegation after the people of Daraa invited for demonstrations demanding to release the detainees.   

Adnan Masalmah, a coordinator at the negotiation delegation, reported that they met Houeijah that represented the Syrian government and discussed the problems and difficulties that faced the people, such as the continuous detention of young men.

Masalmah added that they discussed that the Syrian government forces did not withdraw from the city of Daraa, al-Souk, the industrial area, and the al-Hal Market. The two parties also discussed the files of education, professional syndicates, employees, and road opening to facilitate people's mobility.   

Masalmah also said that Houeijah promised to transmit their demands to the concerned authorities, as she described, preparing for another discussion with a special delegation from Daraa in Damascus.  

Masalmah said that they want tangible results after these demands during next week, adding that they do not guarantee people's reactions if the Syrian government did not respond to the demands. Masalmah added that immediate actions need to be taken regarding stopping detention, as other discussed issues require more time to study the necessary decisions.    

Earlier, Russian forces surprisingly visited the city of Nawa and listened to people telling detention and offenses stories committed by the Syrian government forces. Recently, Russian forces released a young girl from the city of Daraa after people threatened to protest demanding to release her.      

The Syrian government forces detained several civilians and formally Free Syrian Army fighters, as several former factions commanders attempted to convince men and fighters to join the Syrian government's Fourth Armored Division to fight alongside with the latter in Hama.

Recently, the Syrian government started reconciliation procedures in the cities and towns, in which the FSA and Russia agreed to a ceasefire in Daraa. The agreement also included exiting the people who refuse to reconcile to Northern Syria.