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Two Syrian films win Emmy Award for international television programs

Editing: Nisal Muhana |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2018/10/02 16:42

Germany - SMART

On Tuesday, the Syrian films Let Me Breathe, and The Last Men in Aleppo won the Emmy Award for international television programs in the United States.

The Let Me Breathe film, which depicts the chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhun, won the award for the best news story. The Last Men in Aleppo film, which talks about the work of the Syrian Civil Defense during the intense air escalation by the Syrian government and Russia on eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, Northern Syria, won the award for the best documentary film addressing urgent issues.

Fadi al-Halabi, director of the Last Men in Aleppo film and one of the photographers of the Let Me Breathe film, told SMART that he is happy with this winning, which will convey the essential messages of these films. This winning will also be "a reminder of the Syrian people's issue and their demands for freedom; in addition to showing the crimes committed against them."

Al-Halabi said, "The real award is to help the Syrian people get rid of the Assad regime." Al-Halabi asserted his "belief that the camera would make a change if not today, tomorrow. "

Adham al-Hussein, one of the cameramen of the Let Me Breathe film, considered the award "success of the free Syrian people and the Syrian revolution. I realized that a right with demands doesn't die. We demand the right of the children, women, and men who died that day."

Al-Hussein spoke about his difficult experience in filming the first moments of the Syrian government's bombing on civilians using chemical gases. He was on his way to aid the wounded. He was surprised by their large numbers as a result of inhaling toxic gases and when he saw fear and terror in the eyes of the civilians there that day.

The Emmy Award, presented by the American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, is the best award for television programs. It was first awarded in 1949. It's equivalent to Oscars for films, Grammy for music and Tony for the theater.

The Last Man in Aleppo film won 20 international awards and was nominated for the Oscars for the documentary film.