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Jozour Syria Organization announces participating in open sit-in for women kidnapped by IS

Editing: Mohammad Alhaj |
TranslationEditor: Vera Halvorsen |
Translation: Nouha Salti
Publication date: 2018/10/07 20:01

Al-Suwayda - SMART

The Jozour Syrian Organization, which was previously shut down by the Syrian government, announced participating in the open sit-in for the women from al-Suwayda kidnapped by the Islamic State (IS).

On Sunday, the organization stated that it will continue the sit-in near the Syrian government governorate council building in the city of al-Suwayda until the release of the kidnapped women and their children.

The Jozour statement coincided with a statement by the Rijal al-Karamah, which is a prominent independent faction from al-Suwayda. The Rijal al-Karamah statement held the Syrian government responsible for the IS attack on al-Suwayda in July, 2018, after which the IS kidnapped women and their children from the eastern villages of al-Suwayda.

The Jozour Organization added that its members will participate in sit-ins as a civil and peaceful activity to put pressure on decision makers to properly handle with the case of the kidnapped women.

The organization considers the case of the kidnapped women a humanitarian and national issue for all Syrians, not only their relatives or a political or religious case.

In April, 2018, activists organized several sit-ins outside the governorate council building in Central al-Suwayda, to denounce the shut down of the Jozour Syria Organization, raising banners to condemn the "intellectual terrorism" by the Syrian government against civil activities that do not match the its goals.

The Jozour Syrian Organization defines itself as a development, independent, and non-profit organization, established in May 2014 in the city of al-Suwayda. Jozour Syria seeks to spread the concepts of citizenship and nonviolence.

Last Tuesday, tension rose in the city of al-Suwayda, as the IS announced executing one of the kidnapped women after the Druze leaders, which are the religious authority in the governorate, withdrew from the negotiations with the IS to release the kidnapped women.