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Threats by Syrian government officers obstruct agreement to evacuate al-Rukban camp

Editing: Hasan Borhan |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Glory Jabr

Homs - SMART

Threats by several Syrian government forces officers obstructed the agreement to evacuate the al-Rukban camp after the officers said that they will arrest people from the convoy that should transfer the al-Qariyateen Martyrs Brigade and civilians from the al-Rukban camp in Homs to Free Syrian Army-controlled areas in Northern Syria.

On Monday, the head of the media office of the civil administration in the camp, Mahmoud Qasim al-Hamili, told SMART that they received reports from the negotiation process saying that Syrian government forces officers threatened to arrest people from the convoy. Other officers were given bribes to prevent them from arresting people.

Al-Hamili added, "The dispute between some of them is what obstructs the implementation of the agreement (...) Many of the forcibly displaced people (FDP) are waiting for the first convoy to start moving."

Al-Hamili said that the Russians are absent from the negotiations and that the negotiators are held by the military security branch. The US forces stationed at the al-Tanf base "do not mind" the departure of the convoy, whether civilian or military, accord to al-Hamili. However, a source close to the al-Qariyateen Martyrs Brigade said that the agreement was reached with Russia weeks ago.

Al-Hamili added that all FDP in the camp want to go to a safe area, but preferably under international sponsorship from the International Coalition. Al-Hamili stated, "They do not trust the Syrian government forces and are afraid they will arrest them."

Earlier, five thousand civilians registered to exit with the al-Qariyateen Martyrs from the al-Rukban camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border towards Northern Syria, after reaching an agreement with Russia.