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Jordan reveals terms of agreement with Syrian government to open Nassib border crossing

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Vera Halvorsen |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2018/10/15 07:40

Jordan - SMART

On Monday, Jordan revealed the terms of the agreement with the Syrian government to reopen the Nassib-Jaber border crossing between Syria and Jordan.

The agreement prevents Syrians without Jordanian security clearance from crossing into Jordan; however, Jordanians are allowed to enter Syria as travelers and in their own cars, according to the Jordanian Petra  news agency.

Syrians residing in Jordan said that Jordan has been demanding a security clearance to allow Syrians to enter Jordan for the past three years. The Syrians added that they have to submit an application for their relatives if they wish to enter Jordan, adding that the application process takes between 3 and 14 days and may be refused without reason.

The agreement allows Jordanians residing in Syria to enter Jordan through the crossing. The agreement also allows Syrians residing in Jordan or other countries to travel to Syria through the crossing, as long as they have valid travel documents.

The agreement allows Syrians to transit through Jordan if they have residence permits or a visa for the country they are traveling to or from.

The agreement allows Jordanian cargo trucks to enter Syria and Syrian cargo trucks to enter Jordan after inspection procedures. The agreement also allows Syrians with investor cards to enter Jordan in their own cars, without a visa.

According to the agreement, Syrians can travel to Jordan if they have cars without Syrian registration plates and all necessary legal documents, whether their final destination is Jordan or another country. The agreement allows Syrian drivers of public vehicles to enter Jordan to transport passengers, without permission in advance, and in the way the Syrian government and Jordan agreed on.

On Sunday, Jordan and the Syrian government agreed to reopen the Nassib-Jaber border crossing in the Daraa governorate, Southern Syria.

Jordan closed their side of the crossing after the Free Syrian Army (FSA) gained control of the crossing in April, 2015; however, a month ago, the Syrian government re-seized the crossing after negotiations and ceasefire agreements between the FSA and Russia.