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German delegation visits al-Malikiya city, al-Hasakah

Editing: Abd Allah Al Darwesh |
TranslationEditor: Freda Hocaine |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2018/10/16 16:34

Al-Hasakah - SMART

On Tuesday, a German delegation visited the People’s Municipality belonging to the Autonomous Administration in al-Malikiya city in al-Hasakah governorate, Northeastern Syria.

The People’s Municipality in al-Malikiya,145 kilometers northeast of al-Hasakah, Northeastern Syria, said on their Facebook page that the municipality visit of Frederick Haim Cruisberg (from the city of Berlin) will last 14 days to increase cooperation and coordination between the two municipalities within the Friendship Convention.

The delegation gifted the joint presidency of the al-Malikiya Municipality an artifact from the Berlin wall. The delegation also delivered a message to the municipality emphasizing that Berlin is ready to increase coordination and cooperation to conduct projects such as an afforestation project in al-Malikiya, according to the municipality.

On May 16, 2016, the joint head of the Foreign Committee in the Autonomous Administration said that they opened the representation in Berlin after they opened other representatives in different countries, and their future plans to open additional representatives.

Earlier, foreign officials visited the Autonomous Administration areas in which there are International Coalition military bases. Autonomous Administration delegations visited Arab and European countries.