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Atarib Civil Center holds seminar to support forcibly displaced people in Western Aleppo

Editing: Obaida Al Nabwani |
TranslationEditor: Vera Halvorsen |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2018/11/27 21:49

Aleppo - SMART

On Tuesday, the Atarib Civil Center holds a seminar in the city of Atarib in Western Aleppo, Northern Syria, to support the forcibly displaced people (FDP) in the city. During the seminar, the civil center highlighted the FDP's successes in different fields of work in Atarib.

The civil center manager Muhammad Shakurdi said that the seminar is part of the Shababona (Our Youths) project, and is titled "A fall is not necessarily the end."

Shakurdi added that during the seminar they highlighted the experiences of two FDP in Atarib who managed to succeed in work and integrate well in local society.

Shakurdi noted that they divided the seminar's participants into groups to help identify the problems and difficulties that the FDP face, and to find solutions that could be implemented by local governance institutions and decision-makers.

Shakurdi added that the Shababona project targets young people in Atarib, both local youth and FDP. The project supports and encourages young people's initiatives to help them play a key role in society.

The participants in the seminar came up with a set of recommendations for the FDP in Atarib, including how to document their rent contracts, opening an FDP office to settle potential issues and facilitate employment, and how to deal with challenges faced by FDP with special needs in the city.

The civil council and other institutions have launched similar projects in Atarib before. In early November 2018, the Women's Office in the Atarib local council held a workshop to raise awareness of women's rights and violence against the women. Syrian Revolution Coordination Committees held a meeting in Atarib to form an entity that represents the local coordination committees.