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Syrian government invites figures in Daraa to attend national dialogue conference in Damascus

Editing: Obaida Al Nabwani |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2018/12/05 21:11

Daraa - SMART

The Syrian government invited some people in the governorate of Daraa to attend what it calls a national dialogue conference in the Syrian capital Damascus. Some people refused to attend the conference where there is no clear agenda. The conference includes loyalists and opponents to the Syrian government.

An anonymous source said that the conference would be held in the Palace of Conferences on the road to Damascus International Airport. However, the conference’s date and some invitees are not known so far.

The source added that the invitees from the governorate of Daraa include loyalists and others opponents who signed settlements with Syrian government forces and decided to stay in their areas.

The source said that the invitations included most of the members of the Huran Reform Commission, founded by dignitaries, intellectuals and activists in Daraa in September 2015. The invitations also included the Local Administration Minister who resigned from the Interim Syrian Government, Muhammad al-Mudhib.

The source stated that most of what it described as revolutionary figures, who have been invited so far, refused to attend without a clear and declared agenda, to discuss it in detail to reach the outputs and results that will be implemented.

According to the source, the conference includes all the Syrian areas that are controlled by the Syrian government. The source added that the conference is suspected to be held in mid-December.

The source said that the conference’s aim is that the international community will not put pressure on the Syrian government to implement the decisions of the Geneva Conference, as it markets the idea of an internal opposition that is consulted and negotiated.

Earlier, the Syrian government asked dignitaries and locally known people in the governorate of Daraa to form a committee to discuss the problems and demands of the people, including loyalists and opponents who signed settlements with Syrian government forces.

A few months ago, the military factions signed in the governorate of Daraa agreements with Russia. The agreements required the handover of weapons, ceasefire and the evacuation of those who rejected the reconciliation to Northern Syria, with guarantees for those who wish to remain so that the Syrian government will not assault them.