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IS attacks sites of Hezbollah militia in Albu Kamal city

Editing: Ayham Nasif |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Rose Kajo
Publication date: 2018/12/19 17:58

Deir al-Zor - SMART

The Islamic State (IS) attacked sites of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in the city of Albu Kamal,122 kilometers, Southeastern Deir al-Zour, Eastern Syria.

The Lebanese Hezbollah militia is a sectarian militia classified as a terrorist group in a large number of Arab and Western countries and has been fighting alongside the Syrian government forces against peaceful movements since March 2013.

On Wednesday, private sources told SMART that  IS fighters from the villages of al-Baghouz and al-Safafna infiltrated through the Euphrates River and attacked positions of Hezbollah militia in the city near the al-katef neighborhood.

The sources added that the Hezbollah militia clashed with IS fighters in the city streets. The IS withdrew, without reaching any information about the loss of the two parties.

Local sources added that the IS targeted with missiles the headquarters of the  Hezbollah militia on the martyrs and the main al-katef streets in the city of Albu Kamal. Two ambulances cars transported the wounded to the field hospital in the al- Jamayat neighborhood.

A few days ago, the IS targeted security boxes for the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in the al-Katef area, near the al-Maslakh town in the city of Albu Kamal, in addition to the sites of the  Iraqi militia al-Najbaa and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the villages of Suwayya and al-Harri.

On November 21, 2018, the Syrian government forces and the Hezbollah militia seized the Albu Kamal city after the withdrawal of the IS.