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High Negotiation Committee "Those who want to rehabilitate a criminal regime are criminal too"

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Maan Salti

Turkey - SMART

After the visit of Ali Mamlouk, the head of the National Security Bureau of the Syrian government, to Egypt, the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) formed during the Riyadh II conference said on Sunday that those who want to "rehabilitate the Syrian criminal regime is a criminal too, and an enemy to the Syrian people."

The HNC statement came hours after Syrian government and Egyptian media outlets announced that Mamlouk visited Egypt upon an official invitation by the head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate, Abbas Kamel.

Yahya al-Aridi, the spokesman for the HNC, told SMART that Mamlouk's visit "was intended to influence the Egyptian people and the Arab League."

Al-Aridi said that the Syrian government is "fond of media" and wants to tell the Arabs and the rest of the world that "it is still functional, and can be brought back to the Arab League."

In November 2011 the Arab foreign ministers decided in Cairo to suspend the participation of the Syrian delegations in the meetings of the Arab League and all the organizations and bodies affiliated with it.

Mamlouk is considered an essential figure of the Syrian government and led several negotiations with military faction commanders and dignitaries from several Syrian areas to conclude agreements with them.

In November 2018, the French judicial system issued international arresting warrants for three major Syrian intelligence officers, including Mamlouk, who is considered the official director of most of the Syrian government's security directorates.