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United Arab Emirates reopen embassy in Damascus after seven years

Editing: Amena Riyad |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Maan Salti
Publication date: 2018/12/27 12:02

Turkey - SMART

On Thursday, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reopened its embassy in the Syrian government capital Damascus after it has been closed for seven years.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation announced resuming diplomatic service in its embassy in Damascus, saying that the Charge d'Affaires has begun his duties, while an Emirati official told the CNN that the UAE has not yet appointed an ambassador to Damascus.

The UAE embassy in Damascus has closed since the peaceful demonstrations against the Syrian government began in 2011, but the UAE did not suspend all relations with the Syrian government. During the same period, most of the world's embassies in Damascus closed.

The reopening of the UAE embassy came days after the Sudanese president's visit to Damascus, and the visit of the Syrian government Head of National Security Bureau, Ali Mamlouk, to Egypt upon invitation by the Egyptian head of General Intelligence Directorate. The Jordanian King Also stated that Jordan's relations with Syria would return to their earlier state.

The Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League Hossam Zaki said that the Arab League's attitude toward Syria's membership renewal in the league remains unchanged, adding that the Sudanese president's visit to Damascus was not in coordination with the Arab League.

In November 2011 the Arab foreign ministers decided in Cairo to suspend the participation of the Syrian delegations in the meetings of the Arab League and all the organizations and bodies affiliated with it.