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Syrian government forces send military reinforcements to Northern Syria

Editing: Hasan Borhan |
TranslationEditor: Vera Halvorsen |
Translation: Rose Kajo
Publication date: 2019/01/06 16:44

Homs - SMART

On Sunday, the Syrian government forces sent a military convoy of dozens of vehicles to Northern Syria.

Witnesses told SMART that the convoy came from Southern Syria via the Homs-Hama highway toward Northern Syria. The convoy included dozens of armored vehicles, heavy artillery and rocket launchers.

On Saturday, a Syrian government forces military convoy crossed the Homs governorate to go to Northern Syria, likely headed to Manbij in Aleppo. The convoy included dozens of vehicles and personnel.

The Syrian government forces continue to send reinforcements to their forces in Aleppo amid attempts to infiltrate the Free Syrian Army's positions there. On December 28, 2018, the Syrian government forces sent reinforcements to an industrial area west of Aleppo.