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Prices of heating wood increase by 50 percent in al-Rukban camp

Editing: Ayham Nasif |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2019/01/08 16:03

Homs - SMART

On Tuesday, the prices of heating wood increased by 50 percent in the al-Rukban camp on the Jordanian border,240 kilometers southeast of Homs, Central Syria, amidst significant low temperature.

On Oct. 4, 2018, the Syrian government forces laid siege to the Rukban Camp, preventing food and medical supplies from entering, while the camp administration appealed for aid for more than 50 thousand residents living in poor humanitarian conditions. One month after the siege started, the Syrian government forces allowed a single aid convoy to enter the camp.

Muhammad Dirbas, the head of the local council of the camp said that the prices of wet wood increased from 50 to 75 Syrian pounds (SYP) per kilo due to the increased cost of transportation as trucks travel for 140 kilometers to arrive in the camp.

Dirbas added that each of the six Syrian government forces’ checkpoints on the roads leading to the camp receives 6,000 SYP per truck to allow it to pass, which increased the prices of all materials entering the camp by 30 percent.

The manager of the camp said that the prices of wood increased amidst low temperature and storms in the area, which aggravated the forcibly displaced people’s suffering, especially the patient of asthma.